Repair a House | EPF Housing Loan Scheme

EPF provides it’s members the ability to repair the house  by making use of EPF Housing Loan scheme (Renovation by Alerting or Additions)

As per Para 68-B of the EPF scheme, a PF member should satisify the critieria listed below to be eligible for this scheme

  • Should have completed 10 years of Service
  • This can be used only once
  • Amount would be paid to the individual
  • Property should be in the name of member or member’s spouse or jointly held
  • Annexure III should be submitted for Alternations/Additions
  • EPF will provide upto 12 times the wages of the PF member (Basic+DA) (or) Full EPF contribution (or) Cost of Repairs (Lower of any of the 3 would be provided as loan amount)

Form 31 is the claim form that is used for submitting the Loan application.