RBI Guidelines for Recurring Credit Card Subscriptions

RBI has brought in a new change from effective Oct 2021 which will affect the credit card transactions across the country and also abroad. If are using a Credit Card that has been issued in India then these changes may apply

  • Transactions above Rs 5000 need 2 Factor Authentication (OTP)
  • Transactions below Rs 5000 will not need any 2 Factor Authentication
  • Recurring transactions of above Rs 5000 needs Additional Factor of Authentication
    • The biller needs to send notification before the recurring transaction occurs

What transactions would be affected : This will affect any subscriptions for which you are being charged in foreign currency as there is no concept of 2 Factor Authentication in countries like US, UK and any subscription without 2 Factor authentication may fail and you may need to contact your credit card issuer to fix this and in worst case you may not be able to subscribe via Credit Card.

Any Hosting or Domain or foreign magazine subscriptions will get affected. The only solution is to subscribe via Paypal rather than using Credit Card which seems to work (Eventhough Paypal is little bit expensive as far as foreign currency transactions are concerned)