PF Deduction & IncomeTax Return

PF Contribution is entirely deductible from Taxable income and this corresponds only to Employee Contribution and not Employer Contribution.

Under which section PF contribution can be claimed as deduction?

80C is the section under which you can claim PF Contribution as deduction. For E.g if you have contributed 50,000 towards PF for the year and then the entire amount can be claimed as deduction from your Total income


Total Income = 10,00,000

PF Contribution = 50,000 (Employee Contribution)

Taxable Income after Deductions = 10,00,000 – 50,000 = Rs 9,50,000

Whether people above 58 can claim PF Deduction if they are working in a company?

First PF should not be deducated for people above 58 years of age as they don’t fall under EPF act. if any company is deducting PF for those above 58 years then it’s unlawful. So there is no question of PF Deduction for those above 58 years of age.

Whether Employer PF Contribution can be also claimed under 80C?
No Employer PF Contribution can’t be claimed under 80C!