Peripheral Neuropathy & Burning Feet

Burning sensation in feet might be also caused due to Peripheral Neuropathy in some cases. So it’s very important to diagnose whether the underlying cause for hot feet is Burning feet (Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome) or it’s due to peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is due to nerve damage and it depends upon which nerve is damaged. It might affect a single nerve or more nerves in the body.

There are different ways in which you can tell whether the burning sensation in your feet is caused by Peripheral Neuropathy or something else. If you are having peripheral neuropathy then you may feel a tingling or burning sensation in your feet along with deep pain. In Grierson-Gopalan syndrome (Burning Feet), the pain is restricted to only feet and ankles whereas here the pain might be also in the legs along with the feet.

You may lose numbness in your legs and arms along with this pain. And you may also lose feeling in your arms and legs. Numbness can cause you lose to balance and also can also make you not notice when you touch anything cold or hot and also you might also not able to tell when there is a blister or soreness in the feet. The best way to differentiate between burning feet and peripheral neuropathy is to undergo tests suggested by our physician (Burning feet is mainly caused by lack of Vitamin B in your body). Vitamin B deficiency tests will clear tell whether the underlying cause is burning feet ( Grierson-Gopalan syndrome) or is to due to peripheral neuropathy.

Other causes of Peripheral Neuropathy:
There are also other causes such as muscle problems that might accompany the burning sensation in your feet. Peripheral neuropathy makes it harder to control your muscles as it causes weakness. It may lead you to tripping over your toes and you may experience difficulty in moving your body. Even doing smaller tasks like unbuttoning your shirt might be harder if you have peripheral neuropathy.

Digesting food might also become harder if you have peripheral neuropathy. Even after having a very little food, you might be feel a heartburn or your body might become bloated. It might become difficult to swallow food. Peripheral neuropathy can also cause to feel light headed or faint sometimes. And also Peripheral neuropathy can cause your body to hide warning signs for heart attack and about any underlying heart diseases. (Sudden fatigue, sweat, shortness of breath are other causes of heart attack)