PayMe Instant Loans review

PayMe is one of the another vendors who provide Instant Loans based on your Salary Credit.Though they call as it as instant loan, after documents are uploaded, they took nearly 4 to 5 days to get my loan application processed and I got the loan only on the 5th day

But the repayment is much tougher as they don’t have proper ways to transfer money like EarlySalary or CASHE. You have to manually transfer the amount and then email them the screenshot. There are lot of bugs in their app and I emailed them lot of times before including their CEO in the email chain which made them to look into my case. I would suggest you not to get any loans from them until they improve the app or add new features to it

To get PayMe Loan follow the procedure as given below

Step 1: First Download the PayMe app

Step 2: Then go to details and enter the details and upload all the documents for the ones given below

  • Basic information
  • Professional information (Company details)
  • Office Email
  • Joining Date and Salary Date
  • Bank Details
  • KYC details (PAN Card, Educational, References)
  • Residential Details
  • Aaadhar documents
  • PAN Card
  • Office ID Card
  • Address Proof (Permanent Address)
  • Salary Slip
  • PDF of Bank statement
  • Rental document

Step 3: Once you have entered all the details and uploaded the documents as show below, you will get a verification call from PayMe India

Step 4: Once the verification call is over, they will ask you to submit a ENACG or send Physical documents (Select ENach and give the ENach mandate)

Step 5: You also need to E-Sign the Loan document

Step 6: Loan will be under processing and it will get approved and credited to your bank account within next 1 hour.