Normal Fetal Heart Rate

Fetal Heart rate (Baby’s heart beat) may be different in different weeks of pregnancy. Mostly accepted normal range is anywhere between 110-160 (beats per minute) and it can also go up to 180 in some cases.

The fetal heart beat differs in each week of pregnancy with heart beat of the baby highest around 7-9 weeks and moving back to normal afterwards. Sometimes the baby’s heart beat might touch 200 or above in the ultrasound scans.

if the heart beat continues to be around 200 consistently then the pregnant mother should be further examined by the Physician for evaluation as well as for remediation . The baby’s heart might go above 180 in some cases when the mother is anxious or having high blood pressure.

A healthy baby should have heart beat anywhere from 110 to 160 and also it should not be too low also as it might indicate other issues with the baby. The heart beat can be within +10 of the normal range which is 110-160 BPM