Monkeypox Vaccine | Prevention of Monkeypox

There are vaccines that can prevent you from getting MonkeyPox. If you have already got a vaccine called “JYNNEOS” for smallpox then it might prevent you from getting infected with MonkeyPox virues. It’s also known as  Imvamune or Imvanex. There is also another vaccine called “ACAM2000” which can help against the MonkeyPox virus.

Unlike COVID-19, there is already JYNNEOS which can prevent you getting infected with MonkeyPox, if you have been already administered this vaccine in your childhood, it would be better to get a booster in case if you feel you are at more risk of getting contracted with MonkeyPox virus. According to CDC, this is only recommended for people who are at more risk and there is no need for all to take this vaccine immediately.

ACAM2000┬áis another vaccine that can used against MonkeyPox, though its available in ample supply it should not used in cases where the infected persons might have some health conditions such as weakened immune system, skin conditions or during pregnancy. More could be found on both the vaccines on CDC’s website for MonkeyPox vaccination

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