Monkeypox Symptoms | Photos/Pictures of Monkeypox induced rashes

MonkeyPox is a disease that is caused when a person gets infected with the Monkey Pox virus. It belongs to same family as the small pox virus. The symptoms are more similar to smallpox and as far as the latest reports are concerned, it’s not as fatal as other viruses. (When compared to COVID-19, this will not result in many deaths as per the research) but it might cause illness which can last from 2 to 4 weeks. See the Symptoms given below

Monkey Pox symptoms can include Rashes, Headache, Fever, Swollen lymph nodes, Exhaustion, Chills, Exhaustion and Muscle aches/backache. The illness may last 2 to 4 weeks and sometimes people first get rashes followed by any of the other symptoms that has been listed above and in few other cases people experience only a rash.

Pictures of Monkey Pox rashes