Kredit Bee – Instant Personal Loan in day

KreditBee is another one of the instant Personal PayDay loan providers in India.They provide you loan as soon as your credit profile is approved and it may take less than a day

1st Loan in KreditBee

I signed up for Kredit Bee in Feb 2019 when I was in some quick need of money.Based on your credit profile they offer you a minimum amount of anywhere between 8000 to 30,000.

Step 1: First Download the app from PlayStore here

Step 2: Then Enter your PAN and wait to see whether your are Eligible for Salary Advance

Step 3: Then Upload your Photo (Selfie), PAN and Aadhaar Original (SoftCopy)

Step 4: And enter some Basic information (Bank and Place of work etc.,) and wait for your Profile to be approved

Step 5: Once your Profile is approved, you can apply for loans of 8000 to 30,000

And my History with Kredit Bee
I have taken nearly 3 loans with Kredit Bee as long as you pay them there are no issues.