How to withdraw PF without date of exit?

Sometimes Date of exit would not be updated your employer due to various reasons such as unceremonious exit and due to issues with your employer. In such cases it’s still possible to withdraw PF but date of exit is always mandatory for withdrawing the PF amount. So there are different ways in which you can update date of exit.

Update Date of Exit directly in UAN portal: You can directly update the DOE (Date of Exit) in the UAN portal by following the process shown here – (You can update date of exit only after 2 months of your resignation as the condition is your employer should not have credited your PF contribution for the last 2 months). Once that condition is satisfied, date of exit would be updated in the system directly.

if the Date of exit is still not updated, you can raise a grievance in the portal or reach out to the enforcement officer to update the PF.

Once the Date of Exit(DOE) is updated, you can file a Online claim in the UAN portal and get your money directly into your bank account in 4-5 days

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