How to reset password for income tax e-filing Website

It’s very common not to remember your passwords for income tax efiling websites.So let us see what are the steps we should do in order to reset the password for income tax efiling portal

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on the Login on the right side

Step 3: Click on the Forgot Password link

Step 4: Enter the UserID and the captcha (UserID is your PAN number) & then click on Continue

Step 5: Then choose any one of the options to reset the password as shown and then click on the Continue button below it

Step 6: Then in the next screen “Click on Generate Aadhaar OTP” as shown

Step 7: Enter the Aadhaar OTP as shown and then enter the new password as shown & then click on Submit button

Step 8: After you click on “submit” you will receive a message like the below one

Once you have received an email from IncomeTax you can successfully login with your new password into the efiling website