How to buy House/Flat | EPF Housing Loan Scheme

EPF provides it’s members the ability to purchase a House/Flat by using the corpus available in EPF scheme.

As per Para 68-B of the EPF scheme, a PF member should satisify the critieria below to be eligible for this scheme

  • Should have completed 5 years of Service
  • This can be used only once
  • EPF will provide upto 36 times the wages of the PF member (Basic+DA)
  • Amount would be paid to the individual if the purchase is from an individual or promoter
  • Property should be in the name of member or member’s spouse


Form 31 is the claim form that is used for submitting the Loan application.

Note : EPF will provide the loan amount only among the low of these 3

  • Total EPF Share or Contribution
  • 36 times the wages
  • Total cost of House

If anyone among this is lower, only that would be provided from EPF corpus!