How Monkeypox gets transmitted in Humans?

Monkeypox virus gets transmitted through direct contact with infectious rash,scabs or body fluids from infectious person (or) when a person touches the fluids from lesions/rashes of the infected person (or) respiratory secretions during face to face contact and also physical relationship with the infected person. These are some of the ways in which Monkey pox gets transmitted between Humans according to CDC.

If you ever come into contact with the infected person, isolate yourself and get tested for Monkeypox virus by a PCR (Go for the test only if you have rashes followed by fever or other symptoms). And also if you have already vaccinated yourself against smallpox there is a high chance of not contracting Monkeypox virus as both belong to the same group of pox viruses

Symptoms of MonkeyPox includes rash with blisters on face, hands, feet, body, eyes, mouth, genitals accompanied by fever, headaches, swollen lymph nodes, muscle and back aches etc.,