How Indian Stock Markets are manipulated to make common people lose money!

Of late, there has been news that stock markets have reached new highs due to robust economy and many people may be made to believe that investing in stock market can give us huge returns, but that’s wrong.

In this post, I will explain what is wrong with Indian stock market

Let us take example of  “ICICI Bank”

ICICI Bank was in news for all wrong reasons

  • Posted First Quarterly loss in it’s history on July 27th (For April to June 2018)
  • ICICI bank’s CEO being investigated for Fraud?
  • News of using wrong accounting policies to write of NPA’s


Despite all these bad news 

  • It hit a low of 282 on July 27th  and touched 345 yesterday!


Questions we should ask ourselves

  • How could the price of ICICI increase when it has posted first ever loss in a quarter?
  • How  could increase when there is an investigation against it’s CEO by the bank?

How common people are conned of money 

  •  Since ICICI bank has increased, many common retail investors would purchase the stock at this high price
  • Then operators, Mutual funds would dump the stock like anything and it would soon reach 240 levels

Thereby trapping retail investors like us at a higher price, they would be making money of us

Stock market is a nexus of influential people who connect together to increase prices in unison and dump them again.So stay away from the stock market and stocks like these.


This is just one of the examples and there are many examples like PNB and so on.

If Ambani has so much money, why he is no investing in stock market? So think twice before investing in stockmarket but you can invest in PSU’s and IPO’s of PSU’s!

Will explain more about it in the coming posts.