Hot Feet Symptoms

If you are feeling you feet is really hot even when the outside temperature or room temperature is lower, then it might be burning feet syndrome otherwise called as grierson-gopalan syndrome. This usually involves you getting burning sensation in your feet at some odd times which might even spread to dorsum of your feet as well as your ankle, but generally the burning sensation starts with your feet and it might occur at odd times.

Since there are lot of underlying causes for burning feet symptoms, it’s important to rule out others like Peripheral neuropathy or Hyperthyroidism, so your physician may suggest some tests to find the root cause behind this. Mostly some Vitamin Tests to see whether it’s Burning Feet syndrome or some other cause!

If it’s Burning Feet Syndrome, your physician may suggest you to take some Vitamin supplements daily which will completely ease your burning feet symptoms! There might be also other underlying causes such as stress, allergy, infections which might be causing these hot feet which might not be related with burning feet syndrome