HIV Symptoms & Burning Feet

Patients with HIV might report numbness, tingling, burning pain and loss of sensation in the toles and soles of their feet. But all these symptoms doesn’t mean you are affected by HIV (Human Immuno Virus) these underlying causes might be also for different conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, motor syndrome and also Burning feet.

Follow some home remedies for 2-3 weeks to see whether these symptoms goes away. If you still experience some unbearable pain then reach out to your physician who might ask you to undergo some tests to see what’s the real root cause of the burning or tingling sensation in your feet.

Usually you will be asked to check your Vitamin B5 levels to identify whether this is due to Burning Feet (Grierson Gopalan syndrome). If your Vitamin B5 levels are normal then your physician might ask you to undergo different tests to see what’s the underlying cause.

In case if you are having HIV and managing it, then distant sensory polyneuropathy might occur which may lead to bilateral and symmetric tingling, burning, loss of feeling in toes and soles of the feet etc. Symptoms usually start at toes and soles then it may occur at feet and angles. This may also lead to loss of balance and patients may have difficulty in doing some common activities in their day to day life