Foetal Heart Rate during pregnancy

Foetal Heart rate (or) foetal heartbeat indicates the heart rate of the baby when it’s inside the womb of the pregnant mother. The normal Foetal Heart rate ranges anywhere from 110 to 160 BPM (Beats per minute).

In some cases, the heart rate may even touch 180 BPM or above . It’s extremely normal even if the heart rate is above 180 BPM but below 200 BPM. As long as it doesn’t touch 200 or 220 you need not worry about it.

During each ultrasound scan, baby’s heart rate will be monitored. It would indicate how the baby is growing and whether the heart rate is normal. Some babies might have more than 160 BPM Foetal Heart rate as it can easily vary by 5 to 25 BPM

It’s very normal to have a higher heart rate during early weeks of pregnancy. This is because the baby would be growing from 5 to 9 weeks. From 12 weeks onwards , baby’s heart rate might range anywhere between 110-160 BPM (Beats per minute)

Higher heart rate might be also due to factors affecting pregnant mother. If the pregnant mother is stressed out or anxious, then it might increase the heart rate for the baby so it’s important not feel anxious or be stressed for any pregnant mothers.

There are lot of references where pregnant mothers have said in social sites like reddit where Foetal Heart rate can be at 180 during 9 weeks. Then it can come down anywhere between 110-160 BPM during the later weeks of the pregnancy