EPF Withdrawal for Purchasing a site or Flat

PF Amount can be withdrawn from the PF account for the Purchase of house/flat/construction of house including acquisition of site from an Agency (or) Purchase of site for construction of dwelling house/purchase of house/flat from an Individual (or) Purchase of dwelling house/flat on ownership from Promoters. There are some criteria which needs to be satisfied by the member before they can apply for a PF withdrawal

Criteria Minimum 5 years in EPF
No of installments1 or more installments
Documents required with Form31Declaration Form from the Member

Amount Eligible:

  • If you are purchasing a site for constructing House : 24 month’s basic wages and DA or Total cost whichever is lower
  • If you are constructing a house: 36 month’s basic wages and DA  or Total cost whichever is lower

Note: If the Total Employer and Employee share with interest is lower than all these then only that amount would be sanctioned and not the above mentioned amounts.

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