EPFO/PF Claim Settlement Days

EPFO/PF Claim Withdrawal can take anywhere from 5 working days to 20 working days. The general timeline for settling a PF Claim is 20 working days after submission of the claim online in the EPFO UAN Portal. As of late EPFO has improved its claim settlement timelines to 3 days in some of the PF Regional offices.

Some of the PF Claim withdrawals can take only 4 days (This happens if all the information is correct on the UAN Profile)

S.NoPF Claim TypeSettlement TimelinesAs per the Citizen Charter
1PF – Final Withdrawal (Settlement of Form-19)20 Days7 working days
2PF – Illness Advance (Settlement of Form-31)20 Days3 working days
3PF – Pandemic Advance (Settlement of Form-31)20 Days3 working days
4PF – Part Withdrawal (Settlement of Form-31)20 Days7 working days
5PF – Transfer (Settlement of Form-13)20 Days7 working days
6PF – Withdrawal by nominees/survivors20 Days3 working days
7Insurance– Payment to nominees/survivors (Settlement of FORM 51F)30 Days3 working days
8Redressal of Grievances20 days30 days
PF Claim Settlement time
EPFO Claim Settlement Time

Even after 20 or 30 working days, if the PF Claim amount has not been credited to your bank account, file a complaint at the PF Complaints portal (or) reach out to the EPF Office Whatsapp helpline

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