Entering US from Canada by Car/Land

If you are entering US from Canada by car(land) or by water, then Canadian citizens don’t require a visa if their stay is less than 6 months. They should declare their intended duration of their stay when they are entering United States. In most cases, Canadian citizens doesn’t require visitor, business or other visas to enter US from Canada. To enter US, you must have a Canadian passport if you are 16 years and above. There are also some other documents which you can shown as proof for your Canadian Citizenship.

Canadian citizen 16 years of age & above : If you are a Canadian citizen whose age is 16 years and above, then you must have one of the below documents. You should have either a valid passport (or) Trusted Traveller Program Card (or) Enhanced Drivers license- EDL (or) Enhanced identification card (EIC) (or) Secure Certificate of Indian Status. (The EDL or EIC should from province or territory where a US approved has been implemented). The documented presented should be valid for the period of stay.

Canadian citizen 15 years of age or under: If you are Canadian Citizen and your age is 15 years or less then these documents must be with you when you are entering United States by car. A valid Canadian passport (or) original/copy of your birth certificate (or) original Canadian Citizenship certificate.

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