Early Salary – Instant Short Personal Loan in 2 hrs

Many a times we may have encountered financial difficulties where we won’t be able to raise quick money so we reach out to local money lenders who charge hefty interest rates. But this is not the case any more as we have lot of instant short personal loans known as payday loans in India

Here is a review of one of them called EarlySalary

1st Loan in EarlySalary
I signed up for EarlySalary way back in 2017 when I was in need for quick 20,000 loan for an emergency and was able to repay the loan in the next 30 days

First they would provide you only loans till amount of 20,000 and then based on how well you repay they will increase your loan amount to 30,000 and then 60,000 (This happens only when you have not defaulted on any payment due)

All you need for getting an EarlySalary Loan is

  1. Selfie?
  2. PAN Card (They use PAN Card to validate your Credit Score)
  3. Any other extra documents needed (I am not so sure about this as I have forgotten)

I got loan instantly within 30 minutes and the money was quick transferred to my bank account and from that day I have used EarlySalary multiple times to get some quick money

Though interest rates are on higher side, if you repay the amount sooner your interest will get reduced and also you will eligible for higher limit

Here is the screenshots of loans I got

Download EarlySalary from here – GooglePlay Link

I hope this helps anyone to get tide over their quick money needs and only if you have a good credit score you will get loans otherwise you won;t