Dubai Visa Types

Dubai offers different kind of visas namely Tourist visa, Business visa, eVisa for GCC, Transit visa, Student Visa , Freelancer visa and remote work visas. The most popular one is tourist visa which is used by people to visit Dubai for a short duration visit. Passport holders of some countries are eligible for visa on arrival and some of these tourist visas are actually extendable for a fee.

Tourist Visa: There are short duration (30 days) and long duration (90 days) visas with single and multiple entries. Their prices differs based on the type of visa you are applying for. Visitors who are eligible for visa on arrival would be provided with a 30 day or 90 day visa based on the country they are from.

Business Visa: This is generally for investors and entrepreneurs who are willing to invest in UAE. This is part of UAE’s Golden visa program which would allow investors to sponsor their own visas under Golden Visa program.

Transit Visa: This is generally for people transiting through Dubai airports and citizens of the countries who are eligible for visa on arrival are exempted from the Transit Visa.

Student Visa: This is for students who are above 18 years of age and the student application must have an official admission letter from the university he is going to study at. And there are different criteria for students to get selected via this visa.

Remote Work Visa: This is a newly introduced visa that allows anyone to work remotely from Dubai to the organization they are already working for. As Dubai has no income tax, remote workers and entrepreneurs can take advantage of this visa type.

Freelance Visa: This visa is only available with a freelance permit and this would allow you to work as an independent contractor for a company within a free zone. This costs around 7500 AED for the freelancer permit and the visa along with can cost 2500 AED or 5000 AED depending upon the length of visa.

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