Dubai Entry Requirements for Travellers

Travellers visiting Dubai might need to satisfy one of the requirements that are listed below. These conditions will also apply even for people travelling from GCC (Gulf Co-operation council) countries like  Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia etc., Any traveller visiting Dubai might satisfy one of these

1. Should have a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate proving that Passenger is fully vaccinated with a vaccine that is approved by WHO (World Health Organization) or the UAE. The vaccination certificate should contain a QR code

2. If not vaccinated, they should provide a valid negative COVID-19 test certificate (The test should be a molecular diagnostic test. Rapid antigen tests are not valid)

3.If a person has got COVID-19, they should provide a valid medical certificate stating that person has recovered from COVID-19 before 1 month from the date of arrival

If the travellers are from India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh or Egypt, then the COVID-19 test should be from one of  designated laboratories (PDF, 150 KB) .