COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Uttar Dinajpur

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 05-12-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Uttar Dinajpur To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Raiganj Rural Hospital Maharaja Hat, Raiganj 45 Free
Kunor BPHC Kunor 45 Free
Raiganj GMCH 2 Raiganj 45 Free
KALIYAGANJ SGH Kaliyaganj 45 Free
Dalua RH Dalua 45 Free
Lodhan RH Lodhan 45 Free
Raiganj UPHC 4 Birnagar 45 Free
Surun II GP Surun Itahar 45 Free
Amulia SC. Sahapur -II GP 45 Free
Nakol FPS Altapur – II 45 Free
Kismat Altapur SC Altapur 45 Free
Bhatun PHC Bhatol 45 Free
Karandighi – I GPO Karandighi 45 Free
Karnojora HWC Kamalabari-I 45 Free
Chainagar GP Chainagar 45 Free
Mahua SC Mahua 45 Free
Marnai PHC Itahar 45 Free
Toryal SC Toryal 45 Free
Nichitpur SC Dalkhola GP 45 Free
Amaljhari SC Amaljhari 45 Free
Bishnupur GP Bishnupur Hemtabad 45 Free
Gulandar II GP Gulandar Itahar 45 Free
Lahutara II GPO Lahutara 45 Free
Mudafat HWC Mudafat Kunor 45 Free
Boroi HWC Sitgram 45 Free
Kanki PHC Kanki 45 Free
Dhumdangi HWC Haptiagachh Chopra 45 Free
Goagaon I SC Goagaon 45 Free
Domohna GPO Domohna 45 Free
Goalpokhar SC Goalpokhar 45 Free
Panjipara PHC Panjipara 45 Free
Rampur SC. Bidyanandapur 45 Free
Chhyaghara GP SC Chhyaghara 45 Free
Gobindapur SC. Gobindapur Ramganj 45 Free
Radhikapur West HWC Radhikapur Kaliyaganj 45 Free
Durgapur GP Durgapur 45 Free
Surun PHC Surun Itahar 45 Free
Gaisal – II GP SC Kalanagin 45 Free
Durgapur PHC Durgapur 45 Free
Ramganj BPHC Ramganj 45 Free
Naoda GP SC Naoda 45 Free
Bochadanga HWC Bochadanga Kaliyaganj 45 Free
Kasba HWC Maraikura 45 Free
Dalkhola PHC Dalkhola 45 Free
Daspara PHC Daspara 45 Free
Chapore SC Belon 45 Free
Churaman PHC. Churaman Itahar 45 Free
Sahapur- I GP SC Sahapur 45 Free
Jhitkia HWC Bahin 45 Free
Patirajpur GP Patirajpur Itahar 45 Free
Raniganj SC Raniganj 45 Free
Lahutara – I GPO Lahutara 45 Free
Barua HWC Barua 45 Free
Patagora SC Patagora Ramganj 45 Free
Chhatparua HWC Kamalabari-II GP 45 Free
Sujali PHC SujaliRamganj 45 Free
Raghunathpur HWC Malgaon 45 Free
Surun – I GP Damlolia 45 Free
Khoksa HWC Sherpur 45 Free
Bindole PHC Bindole 45 Free
Gulandar- I GP Dhulahar 45 Free
Dharampur-II GP SC Majlish Pur 45 Free
Bhandar HWC Bhandra 45 Free
Kapasia GP SC Kapasia 45 Free
Durlovpur SC Durlovpur 45 Free
Maheshpur SC. Mahespur 45 Free
Dimrulla SC Dimrulla Ramganj 45 Free
Goagaon II SC Goagaon II 45 Free
Sahapur- II GP SC Kichaktala 45 Free
Bazargaon SC Bazargaon 45 Free
Mohipur Hwc Mohipur 45 Free
Sonapur PHC. Sonapur Chopra 45 Free
Dharampur-I GP SC Dharampur 45 Free
Choprabari FPS Bazargaon II 45 Free
Dhanirhat HWC Ghirnigaon Chopra 45 Free
Surjapur SC Surjapur-I 45 Free
Joyhat GP Joyhat 45 Free
Matikunda SC Matikunda Ramganj 45 Free
Makhanpokhar SC Sahapur- I GP 45 Free
Ajit Bus Colony SC Ajit Bus Colony Ramganj 45 Free
Pokharia SC Pokharia 45 Free
Goti SC Goti Goalpokhar 45 Free
Rudrakhanda HWC Gouri 45 Free
Lakhipur PHC Lakhipur 45 Free
Nizampur GP SC Nizampur -I 45 Free
Bangalbari PHC. Bangalbari Hemtabad 45 Free
Gheedov HWC Majhiali Chopra 45 Free
Rasakhowa PHC Rasakhowa 45 Free
Majihar PHC Majihar 45 Free
Panchvaya HWC Jagadishpur 45 Free
Kaliganj HWC Chutiakhore Chopra 45 Free
Piplan HWC Birghai 45 Free
Gunjaria SC Gunjaria 45 Free
Dalimgaon HWC Dalimgaon Kunor 45 Free
Kacharigachh SC Kacharigachh Ramganj 45 Free
Golia SC Nizampur – II GP 45 Free
Gaisal-I GP SC Gaisal 45 Free
Dehuty SC Surjapur-II 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
Kaliyaganj SGH (covax) Kaliyaganj 45 Free
Raiganj GMCH (covax) Raiganj 45 Free
Bhatun PHC (covax) Bhatol 45 Free
Dalkhola PHC (covax) Dalkhola 45 Free
Sonapur PHC (covax) Sonapur Chopra 45 Free
Islampur SSH (covax) Islampur 45 Free
Marnai PHC (COVAX). MarnaiItahar 45 Free
Kanki PHC (covax) Kanki 45 Free
Sujali PHC (covax). SujaliRamganj 45 Free
Panjipara PHC (covax) Panjipara 45 Free

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