COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Tonk

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 09-12-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Tonk To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
MCH District Hospital Tonk MCH District Hospital Tonk 45 Free
Housing Board Tonk (18-44) Housing Board Sector 1 Tonk 18 Free
UPHC Solangpura Tonk UPHC Solangpura Tonk 45 Free
Dharamshala CHC Newai (18-44) Dharamshala Bus Stand Newai 18 Free
Housing Board UPHC Site 1 Housing Board Colony 45 Free
MCH Tonk (18-44) MCH Tonk Baheer Road Tonk 18 Free
Samudaik Bhawan Deoli2 18-44 Samudaik Bhawan Deoli 18 Free
City Dispensary Takhta Tonk Takhta Tonk 45 Free
UPHC Purani Tonk UPHC Purani Tonk Ramsila 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
CHC Deoli (Covaxin) CHC Deoli 45 Free
SC Jodhpuriya SC Jodhpuriya 45 Free
Phc Chandsen Covaxine Chandsen Malpura 45 Free
Old Hospital Malpura Covaxin CHC Malpura Old Hospital 45 Free
SC Dahlod SC Dahlod 45 Free
SC Indoli Tantia Malpura Sc Indoli Tantia Malpura 45 Free
S Kacholiya (Covaxine) Kacholiya Nagar Malpura 45 Free
Newai BCMO Building (Covaxin) BCMO Office Newai 45 Free
SC Harbhanwata SC Harbhanwata 45 Free
Aakhtadi Parli (Covaxin) Aakhtadi Parli 45 Free
SC Sindra Jhilai SC Sindra Jhilai 45 Free

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