COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Tiruchirappalli

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Tiruchirappalli To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Nagamangalam APHCNagamangalam APHC Panchayat Road45Free
Gandhipuram UPHCGandhipuram UPHC45Free
Avikalpatti APHCAvikalpatti APHC45Free
Pullambadi Upgraded PHCPullambadi Upgraded PHC45Free
Kanakiliyanallur APHCKanakiliyanallur APHC45Free
Thennur UPHCThennur UPHC45Free
Kattuputhur Upgraded PHCKattuputhur Upgraded PHC45Free
Kallakudi APHCKallakudi APHC45Free
Beerangikulam UPHCBeerangikulam UPHC45Free
Puduruthamanur Upgraded PHCPuduruthamanur Upgraded PHC45Free
Beemanagar UPHCBeemanagar UPHC45Free
Somarasampettai APHCSomarasampettai APHC Vasan City 2nd Cross45Free
Veeramachanpatti Upgraded PHCVeeramachanpatti Upgraded PHC45Free
Hirudhayapuram UPHCHirudhayapuram UPHC45Free
Valadi APHCValadi APHC45Free
Periyamilaguparai UPHCPeriyamilaguparai UPHC45Free
Chettiyapatti APHCChettiyapatti APHC Pampatty Road45Free
Tiruvanaikovil UPHCTiruvanaikovil UPHC45Free
Kamaraj Nagar UPHCKamaraj Nagar UPHC45Free
Thiruverumbur UPHCThiruverumbur UPHC45Free
Pulivalam APHCPulivalam APHC45Free
T Sukkampatti APHCT Sukkampatti APHC School Street45Free
Sevalpatti APHCSevalpatti APHC45Free
Kannanur APHCKannanur APHC45Free
Inamkulathur Upgraded PHCInamkulathur Upgraded PHC Anna Nagar45Free
Thatchankurichi APHCThatchankurichi APHC45Free
Vaiyampatty Upgraded PHCVaiyampatty Upgraded PHC45Free
Orathur APHCOrathur APHC45Free
Mettupalayam APHCMettupalayam APHCMorupatti45Free
Anampatti APHCAnampatti APHC45Free
Manaparai HeadQuarter HospitalManaparai Head Quarter Hospital Kumarapatty VillageKannudiyampatty-panchayat45Free
Peruvalapur APHCPeruvalapur APHC45Free
Apollo Hospitals – TrichyApollo Speciality Hospitals Chennai Bye – Pass Road Ariyamangalam Old Palpannai Trichy18Paid
Moovanur APHCMoovanur APHC45Free
D.Pettavaithalai Upgraded PHCD.Pettavaithalai Upgraded PHC45Free
Woraiyur UPHCWoraiyur UPHC45Free
Thirunedumkulam APHCThirunedumkulam APHC45Free
Anbil APHCAnbil APHC45Free
Valanadu Upgraded PHCValanadu Upgraded PHC,Mugamathiya Puram45Free
Veliyanur APHCVeliyanur APHC45Free
Perugamani APHCPerugamani APHC45Free
Edamalaipattiputhur UPHCEdamalaipatti Trichy45Free
Pirahambi APHCPirahambi APHC Chettikulam Main Road Pirahambi45Free
Marungapuri McVandarapalayam Main Road45Free
Kaduvetty APHCKaduvetty APHC45Free
Lalgudi GHLalgudi GH45Free
Kulumani Upgraded PHCKulumani Upgraded PHC45Free
M K Kottai UPHCM K Kottai UPHC45Free
Ramalinganagar UPHCRamalinganagar UPHC45Free
Mahatma Gandhi CollegeMahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College Hospital ,Puthur ,Trichy45Free
Musiri GHMusiri GH45Free
Kottapattu APHCKottapattu APHC45Free
94 Kariyamickam APHC94 Kariyamickam APHC Pillayar Kovil St45Free
Andhanallur APHCAndhanallur APHC45Free
B Mettur APHCB Mettur APHC45Free
Kattur UPHCKattur UPHC45Free
Manaparai UPHCManaparai UPHC45Free
Keeranur APHCKeeranur APHC45Free
M.N.patti APHCM.N.patti APHC45Free
Sirugambur Upgraded PHCSirugambur Upgraded PHC ,Pichayee Amman Kovil, Main Road, Sirugambur45Free
Subramaniyapuram UPHCSubramaniyapuram UPHC45Free
Keelakuruchi APHCKeelakuruchi AWC45Free
Thiruverumbur GHThiruverumbur GH45Free
Melarasur APHCMelarasur APHC45Free
Teppakullam UPHCTeppakullam UPHC45Free
Uppiliyapuram Upgraded PHCUppiliyapuram Upgraded PHC45Free
Omanthur GHOmanthur GH Thuraiyur Main Road Omandur.45Free
Thuraiyur GHThuraiyur GH45Free
Srirangam UPHCSrirangam UPHC45Free
Thathaiangarpet Upgraded PHCThathaiangarpet Upgraded PHC45Free
Irungalur APHCIrungalur APHC Bangala Medu St Irungalur45Free
Sirumayankudi APHCSirumayankudi APHC45Free
Murungai APHCMurungai APHC45Free
Mannachanallur GHMannachanallur GH Edumalai Main Road Mannachanallur45Free
Karumalai APHCKarumalai APHC45Free
T Puthur Upgraded PHCT Puthur Upgraded PHC45Free
Alunthalaipur APHCAlunthalaipur APHC45Free
Navalpattu Upgraded PHCNavalpattu Upgraded PHC Oft (po)45Free
Kallamedu APHCKallamedu APHC45Free
Arasankudi APHCArasankudi APHC Arasankudi(po)45Free
Top Sengattupatti APHCTop Sengattupatti APHC45Free
Puthanatham BPHCGovt.Primary Health Centre , Puthanatham45Free
Samayapuram APHCSamayapuram APHC Back Side Of Town Panchayat Office Samayapuram.45Free

COVAXIN centres

MGM Medical College – HospitalMahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College Hospital Puthur Trichy45Free
Manaparai GHManaparai Head Quarter Hospital Kumarapatty VillageKannudiyampatty-panchayat45Free