COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Surguja

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Surguja To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availability at these centres would be displayed.


Kewra SHCKewra Lakhanpur45Free
Dodhagaon PHCDodhagaon PHC Block Sitapur Surguja45Free
Nawagarh UPHCNawaharh45Free
Ambikapur UPHCAmbikapur UPHC Navapara Ambikapur Surguja45Free
Beldagi SHCBeldagi Lakhanpur45Free
Nawanagar PHCNawanagar45Free
Patora PHCPatora45Free
Kesara SHCKesara45Free
Dangbuda SHCDangbuda SHC45Free
Chalta SHCChalta45Free
Vishunpur SSKVishunpur Ambikapur45Free
Ulakiya SHCUlakiya SHC45Free
Bisarpani SHCBisarpani SHC45Free
Bhagwanpur UPHCBhagwanpur45Free
Raikera SHCRaikera SHC45Free
Kunmera SHCKunmera SHC45Free
Sukhari PHCSukhari PHC Block Ambikapur Surguja45Free
Tirkela HWCTirkela Kunni45Free
Puhputra HWCPuhputra Lahpatra45Free
Gumgara PHCGumgara PHC Block Lakhanpur Surguja45Free
Dhourpur CHCDhourpur CHC Block Lundra Surguja45Free
Remhala SHCRemhala Kunni45Free
Police Line Hospital – 1Ambikapur45Free
Kuniya SHCKuniya45Free
Deogarh SHCDeogarh45Free
Lahpatra PHCLahpatra PHC Block Lakhanpur Surguja45Free
Dumardih PHCDumardih,45Free
Barkela PHCBarkela PHC Surguja45Free
Sitapur Com Health CenterSitapur CHC District Surguja45Free
Uranga SHCUranga Narmadapur45Free
Lalitpur SHC – HWCLalitpur Sitapur45Free
Digma SHCSHC Digma45Free
Kunni PHCKunni PHC Block Lakhanpur Surguja45Free
Kusu HWCKusu Lakhanpur45Free
Soor SHCSoor SHC45Free
Uranga SHCUranga SHC45Free
Parsa SHCParsa Bhafouli45Free
Dhodhakeshra HWCDhodhakeshra Kunni45Free
Sontarai SHCSontarai SHC45Free
Korja HWCKorja Gumgara45Free
NawaparaAWC Nawapara Block Sitapur Dist Surguja45Free
Kerju SHCKerju SHC45Free
Paiga SHCPaiga45Free
Sakalo SHCSHC Sakalo45Free
Bada Damali SHCBada Damali SHC45Free
Bargidih PHCBargidih, Lundra45Free
Latori HWCLatori Gumgara45Free
Girhuldih SHCGirhuldih45Free
Kanthi SHCKanthi SHC45Free
Beljora SHCBeljora45Free
Bataikela PHCBataikela PHC Block Batauli Surguja45Free
Banea SHCBanea Guturma45Free
Katinda HWCKatinda Kunni45Free
Lakhanpur CHCLakhanpur CHC Surguja45Free
Godhanpur SSKGodhanpur Ambikapur45Free
Keshla SHCKeshla SHC45Free
Potka SHCPotka Gumgara45Free
Bargidih ShcBargidih Shc45Free
Kareya SHCKareya SHC45Free
Batauli CHCBatauli CHC BLOCK Batauli DIST Surguja45Free
Gersa ShcGersa Shc Bargidih45Free
Ghutarapara PHCGhutrapara45Free
Binkara HWCBinkara Gumgara45Free
Mohanpur SHC AMBSubcenter Mohanpur Block Ambikapur Dist Surguja45Free
Katkalo SHCKatkalo45Free
Rakeli SHCRakeli SHC45Free
Lahpatra SHCLahpatra PHC Lahpatra45Free
Bandana PHCBandana45Free
Jagdishpur SHCSHC Jagdishpur45Free
Raghunathpur Primary H CRaghunathpur CHC Block Lundra Surguja45Free
Rajpuri HWCRajpuri Lakhanpur45Free
Sarga SHCSarga SHC45Free
Kunni SHCKunni45Free
Pratapgarh PHCPratapgarh45Free
Andhla HWCAndhla Lakhanpur45Free
Bhawradand SHC – HWCBhawradand Sitapur45Free
Belkherikha HWCBelkherikha Lakhanpur45Free
Bisarpani SHCBisarpani Kamleshwarpur45Free
Asola SHCSHC Asola45Free
Gersa SHC – HWCGersa Dhodhagaon45Free
Udari PHCUdari45Free
Namnakala SSKNamnakala Ambikapur45Free
Amdala HWCAmdala Lakhanpur45Free
Lundra PHCLundra PHC Surguja45Free
Askala ShcAskala Shc Bargidih45Free
Jamgawan SHCJamgawan Lakhanpur45Free
Singitana HWCSingitana Lahpatra45Free
Bandan SHCBandana45Free
Salka HWCSalka Lahpatra45Free
Losga HWCLosga Kunni45Free
Kuwarpur SHCKuwarpur Lakhanpur45Free
Amgasi HWCAmgasi Lakhanpur45Free
Ganeshpur HWCGaneshpur Gumgara45Free
Parri HWCParri Lahpatra45Free
Lipingi SHCLipingi Kunni45Free
Badgari ShcBadgari Shc45Free
Darima PHCDarima PHC Block Ambikapur Surguja45Free
Katkalo SHC AmbKatkalo Barkela45Free
Bhusu SHC – HWCBhusu Sitapur45Free
Aara SHC – HWCAara SHC45Free
Rajpuri SHCRajpuri SHC45Free
Khutiya HWCKhutiya Gumgara45Free
Ambikapur DHAmbikapur District Hospital Surguja45Free
Khadgaon SHCKhadgaon45Free
Labji SHCSHC Labji45Free
Rewapur SHCRewapur Barkela45Free
Pent SHCPent SHC45Free
Kuniya SHCKuniya Narmadapur45Free

COVAXIN centres

Ambikapur DH 2Ambikapur45Free
Batauli CHC 2Batauli CHC BLOCK Batauli DIST Surguja45Free
Lakhanpur CHC 2Lakhanpur CHC Surguja45Free
Ambikapur UPHC 2Ambikapur UPHC Navapara Ambikapur Surguja45Free
Udaipur CHC – 2Udaipur CHC District Surguja45Free
Narmadapur CHC 2Nardadapur45Free