COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Solapur

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Solapur To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availability at these centres would be displayed.


Mandve PHCMandve45Free
SRPF Camp SoregaonSRPF Camp Soregaon45Free
UPHC DarashaDarasha45Free
Shelgi UPHCShelgi Solapur45Free
Salgar B. PHCPrimay Health Centre Salgar B.Tal- Mangalveda D- Solapur45Free
Nazare PHCSargarwadi45Free
Yemul HospitalYemul Hospital45Free
Kumbhari Sub CenterKumbhari45Free
Umbrepage PHCUmbarepage PHC45Free
Khardi PHCSC Khardi45Free
Andalgaon PHCPrimay Health Centre Andalgaon Tal- Mangalveda D- Solapur45Free
Health Centre ShankarnagarPHC Shankarnagar45Free
Bhalwani Primary Health CenterBhalawani PHC45Free
Gheradi PHCHingirage45Free
Mother Teresa HospitalMother Teresa Hospital45Free
Jeur PHC KaramalaJeur PHC Karamala45Free
Monarch HospitalMonarch Hospital45Free
Rural Hospital MangalwedhaRural Hospital Mangalveda Tal- Mangalveda D- Solapur45Free
Soregaon UPHC Vijapur RoadSoregaon UPHC Vijapur Road45Free
Phondshiras PHCPhondshiras 245Free
SGR Ayurved College SolapurSamrat Chowk Solapur45Free
Mahud PHCChik Mahud45Free
Degaon Nagari Arogya KendraDegaon Nagari Arogya Kendra Kamati Road45Free
Sabale UPHCMukund Nagar Budhuwar Peth Solapur45Free
Railway Hosp SolapurRailway Hospital Solapur45Free
Vidigharkul UPHCVidigharkul UPHC45Free
Primary Health Centre KasegaonPrimary Health Centre Kasegaon45Free
Bhegmpur PHCArdhanari45Free
Aalegaon PHCAlegaon Kh.45Free
Purandwade PHCPurunadawade45Free
Sub District Hospital AklujSub District Hospital Akaluj D- Solapur45Free
Marwade PHCPrimay Health Centre MarwadeTal- Mangalveda D- Solapur45Free
Lokmangal Jeevak HospitalLokmangal Hospital Solapur45Free
Manaki PHCManki45Free
Morochi PHCMorochi45Free
Naijindagi Arogya KendraNaijindagi45Free
Mazrewadi UPHCMazrewadi UPHC Hotagi Road45Free
Lavang PHCLavang45Free
Police Hed Quarter HospitalPolice Hed Quarter Hospita Solapur45Free
Bhavanarishi UPHCBhavanarishi UPHC45Free
Primary Health Centre VelapurPrimary Health Centre Velapur45Free
Kurul PHCKurul45Free
Shirapur Primary Health CenterShirapur Primary Health Center45Free
Primary Health Centre WarkuthePrimary Health Centre Warkuthe45Free
Parite PHCParite45Free
Dr. Kanake HospitalDr. Kanake Hospital45Free
Tungat PHCTungat PHC45Free
Mahalung PHCMahalung45Free
Bhandarkawathe PHCPhc Bhandarkavathe45Free
Deep Super Speciality HospitalDeep Super Speciality Hospital45Free
Akola (B) PHCKamalapur45Free
Civil Hospital SolapurNear Rangbhavan45Free
Sade PHCSade Karmala45Free
PHC JawalaBhopasewadi45Free
Primary Health Centre WalsangValsng Phc45Free
Urban Health Center BaleBarshi Road45Free
Malinagar PHCMalinagar45Free
Ramwadi UPHCRamwadi UPHC Modhi Khana45Free
Angar PHCBitale45Free
Natepute RHNatepute RH45Free
UPHC JodbhaviUPHC Jodbhavi45Free
Patkul PHCAlaegaon45Free
Ropale PHCRopale PHC45Free
Narkhed PHCDegaon45Free
Bagewadikar HospitalBagewadikar Hospital45Free
Shahar DavakhanaShahar Davakhana45Free
Borale PHCPrimay Health Centre BoraleTal- Mangalveda D- Solapur45Free
Kola PHCKola PHC45Free
PHC PulujPuluj PHC45Free
Mudra Nagari Arogy KendraMudra Nagari Arogy Kendra45Free