COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Sivaganga

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Sivaganga To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Sembanur BPHC Sembanur BPHC 45 Free
Periakottai APHC Periakottai APHC 45 Free
Puduvayal BPHC Puduvayal BPHC 45 Free
Sevinipatti APHC Sevinipatti APHC 45 Free
Thamarakki APHC Thamarakki APHC 45 Free
Thirupachetti APHC Thirupachetti APHC 45 Free
Thiruppathur GH Thiruppathur GH 45 Free
Manamadurai GH Manamadurai GH 45 Free
Kanadukathan GH Kanadukathan GH 45 Free
Thanjakoor APHC Thanjakoor APHC 45 Free
Thiruvegampattu BPHC Thiruvegampattu BPHC 45 Free
Sivagangai UPHC Sivagangai UPHC 45 Free
Singampuneri GH Singampuneri GH 45 Free
Muthanendal BPHC Muthanandal BPHC 45 Free
Palayanoor APHC Palayanoor APHC 45 Free
Panangudi APHC Panangudi APHC 45 Free
Satharasankottai APHC Satharasankottai APHC 45 Free
Maravamangalam Maravamangalam Bphc 45 Free
V Pudur BPHC V Pudur BPHC 45 Free
Piranmalai BPHC Piranmalai BPHC 45 Free
Nattarasankottai APHC Nattarasankottai APHC 45 Free
Marudhangudi Phc Covishield Marudhangudi Phc 45 Free
Munaivendri APHC Munaivendri APHC 45 Free
Poovanthi BPHC Poovanthi BPHC 45 Free
Muthupattinam Urban PHC Muthupattinam Urban PHC 45 Free
SR Pattinam APHC Vasuki 45 Free
Keelasevalpatti APHC Keelasevalpatti APHC 45 Free
Sivagangai Medical College Sivagangai Medical College Hospital 45 Free
Athangudi Mini Clinic Athangudi Mini Clinic 45 Free
Karaikudi Head Quarter Hosp Karaikudi Head Quarter Hospitalkaraikudi Tksivagangai 45 Free
Nerkuppai BPHC Nerkuppai BPHC 45 Free
Kalayarmangalam APHC Kalayarmangalam APHC 45 Free
Salaigramam BPHC Salaigramam BPHC 45 Free
Kombukaranendal APHC Kombukaranendal APHC 45 Free
Kannankudi BPHC Kannankudi BPHC 45 Free
Thirukoshtiyur APHC Thirukoshtiyur APHC 45 Free
Kandaramanickam APHC Kandaramanickam APHC 45 Free
Munikarmankudi APHC Munikarmankudi APHC 45 Free
Kondagai APHC Kondagai APHC 45 Free
Kundrakudi APHC Kundrakudi APHC 45 Free
Kandanur GH Kandanur GH 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
Kalaiyarkovil GH Kalayarkovil GH 45 Free
Singampuneri GH Covaxin Singampuneri Gh 45 Free
Thiruvegampet BPHC Thiruvegempet BPHC 45 Free
Keelapoongudi Upgraded BPHC Keelapoongudi Upgraded BPHC 45 Free
Thayamangalam APHC Thayamangalam APHC 45 Free
Edayamelur APHC COVAXIN Edayamelur APHC 45 Free
Thirukostiyur APHC COVAXIN Thirukostiyu APHC 45 Free
Muthanendal BPHC COVAXIN Muthanendal BPHC 45 Free
Thanjakur APHC Thanjakur APHC 45 Free
Pudhuvayal BPHC Covaxin Puduvayal BPHC COVAXIN 45 Free
Sooranam APHC Sooranam APHC 45 Free
Thayamangalam Subcenter Thayamangalam,Ilayangudi Tk,sivagangai 45 Free
Sivagangai UPHC Covaxin Sivagangai UPHC 45 Free
Salaigramam GPHC Salaigramam BPHC 45 Free
Kundrakudi APHC COVAXIN Kundrakudi APHC 45 Free
Ilayangudi Gh Covaxin Ilayangudi Gh 45 Free
Keelapoongudi BPHC COVAXIN Keelapoongudi BPHC 45 Free
Periakottai APHC COVAXIN Periakottai APHC 45 Free
Medical College Sivagangai Sivagangai Medical College 45 Free
Thiruppathur GH COVAXIN Thiruppathur GH 45 Free
Paganeri APHC Paganeri APHC 45 Free
Piranmalai BPHC Covaxin Piranmalai BPHC 45 Free
SR Pattinam APHC COVAXIN SR Pattinam APHC 45 Free
Nattarasankottai APHC COVAXIN Nattarasankottai APHC 45 Free
Keelasevalpatti APHC COVAXIN Keelasevalpatti APHC 45 Free
Marudhangudi PHC Covaxin Marudhangudi Phc 45 Free
Panangudi APHC COVAXIN Panangudi APHC 45 Free
Edayamelur APHC Edayamelur APHC 45 Free
Vetriyur Mini Clinic Covaxin Vetriyur 45 Free
Kalayarkovil GH Covaxin Kalayarkovil GH 45 Free