COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Shajapur

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 29-03-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Shajapur To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Meharkhedi SHC MEHARKHEDI 45 Free
Kiloda SHC Kiloda 45 Free
Ranthbhanwar Ranthbhanwar 45 Free
Gopipur SHC Gopipur SHC 45 Free
Middile School Akodia Akodia 45 Free
Sujalpur Mandi Excellence Schl Sujalpur Mandi 45 Free
Middile School Polaikala Polaikala Block Hospital 45 Free
Kanadiya Shc Arniyakala Kanadiya 45 Free
Nagar Palika Shajapur 45 Age Nagar Palika Shajapur 45 Free
Palsawad SHC Palsawad 45 Free
Polaykhurd PHC Polaykhurd 45 Free
Pochaner PHC Pochaner 45 Free
Jhadla SHC Jhadla SHC 45 Free
Akya SHC Akya SHC 45 Free
Bardiyason SHC CHO Bardiyason 45 Free
Kanya H S School Gulana Gulana 45 Free
NRC Building Moman Barodiya Moman Barodiya 45 Free
Noulay SHC Noulay 45 Free
Dhabladhir SHC Dhabladheer 45 Free
Middle School Bercha Bercha 45 Free
Panchayat Bhawan Maksi Village Garoliya Maxi 45 Free
Dendla SHC CHO Dendla 45 Free
Excellence School Site 45 Shajapur Bus Stand 45 Free
Excellence School Kalapipal Kalapipal 45 Free
Bhaisayagada SHC Bhaisyagada 45 Free
Khatsur SHC Khatsur 45 Free
Hadlaykala SHC Hadlaykala 45 Free
Sakhedi SHC Sakhedi 45 Free
Lasuldiya Malak Lasuldiya Malak 45 Free
Dewlabihar 23.43 45 Free
Cold Chain Bhawan Khokhrakala Khokhrakala 45 Free
Shajapur EXCLT School SHLD 18 Shajapur Near Bus Stand 18 Free
Primery School Arniyakala Arniyakala 45 Free
Manglaz SHC Manglaz 45 Free
Boys High School Sujalpur City Sujalpur 45 Free
Chouma SHC Chouma SHC 45 Free
Bijana SHC Bijana 45 Free
Nandani SHC CHO Nandani 45 Free
Panwadi SHC Panwadi SHC 45 Free
Satgonw SHC Satgonw Shc 45 Free
Tingazpur SHC Tingazpur 45 Free
Jamner SHC Jamner 45 Free
Kalapipal EXCL School SHLD 18 Kalapipal Block Hospital 18 Free
Berchadatar SHC Bercahdatar 45 Free
Binaya SHC Binaya SHC 45 Free
Sajod SHC Sajod SHC 45 Free
Nipaniya Khurd Nipaniya Khurd 45 Free
Arandiya SHC Arandiya 45 Free
Narola SHC Narola SHC 45 Free
SilePur SHC Silepur SHC 45 Free
Budlay SHC Budlay 45 Free
Pagrawat Kalan SHC CHO Pagrawat Kalan 45 Free
Fulen SHC Fulen 45 Free
Lasuldiya Jagmaal SHC Lasuldiya Jagmaal 45 Free
Borsali SHC Borsali 45 Free
Kamal Pur SHC Kamalpur 45 Free
Mohmmad Kheda Mohhamad Kheda 45 Free
Dewli SHC Dewli 45 Free
Nipaniya Khanjar SHC Nipaniya Khanjar 45 Free
Kamliyakhedi SHC CHO Kamliyakhedi 45 Free
Dopada (Dongar Gonw) Dopada 45 Free
Kumhariya Khas Kumhariyakhas 45 Free
Lahori SHC Lahori SHC 45 Free
Khedawad SHC Khedawad 45 Free
Borasali (makhawat) Borsali 45 Free
Kapaliya SHC Kapaliya 45 Free
Alaumrod SHC Alaumrod 45 Free
Barnavad SHC Barnavad 45 Free
Roshla SHC Roshala 45 Free
Dhaturiya SHC Dhaturiya 45 Free
Godana SHC Godna SHC 45 Free
Alisaria SHC Alisariya 45 Free
Patlawada SHC Patlavada 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
Shajapur Excellnce School 18 Shajapur 18 Free
Sujalpur Excellance School 18 Sujalpur 18 Free
Trama Center Shajapur Shajapur 45 Free
Shajpur Nagar Palika Hall Nagar Palika Shajapur 18 Free
Shujalpur EXCL SCHL Covax 45 Near Sujalpur Mandi 45 Free

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