COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Salem

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Salem To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Edapadi GHEdapadi GH Edapadi GH EdapadiSalem45Free
Sarkar Kollapatti APHCSarkar Kollapatti APHC Sarkar Kollapatti APHC SalemSalem45Free
Mecheri Upgraded PHCMecheri45Free
Vedugathampatti APHCVedugathampatti APHC Vedugathampatti APHC SalemSalem45Free
Ondiveeranur APHCOndiveeranur APHC Ondiveeranur APHC KadayampattySalem45Free
Vadugapatti Upgraded PHCVadugapatti Upgraded PHC Vadugapatti Upgraded PHC VadugapattySalem45Free
Dhadhapuram APHCDhadhapuram APHC Dhadhapuram APHC ChithoorSalem45Free
Vanavasi APHCVanavasi APHC Vanavasi APHC NangavalliSalem45Free
Vembadithalam GHVembadithalam GH Vembadithalam GH MagudanchavadiSalem45Free
Ammapet UPHCNear Sakthikailash College, Ammapet Phc45Free
Pagalpatti APHCPagalpatti APHC Pagalpatti APHC OmalurSalem45Free
Pullipalayam APHCPullipalayam APHC Pullipalayam APHC VadugapattySalem45Free
Sankari GHSankari45Free
Sarakkapillur Upgraded PHCOmalur45Free
Poolavari APHCPoolavari APHC Poolavari APHC Veerapandi Salem45Free
RPS HospitalNo 3392 C, Trichy Main Road, Seelanaickenpatti, Salem – 636201, Near S K Nagar Byepass Road ,salem.45Paid
Annathanapatti UPHCAnnathanapatti UPHC, Salem Corp,Salem45Free
Jalakandapuram GHJalakandapuram GH Jalakandapuram GH NangavalliSalem45Free
K R Thoppur APHCK R Thoppur APHC K R Thoppur APHC TharamangalamSalem45Free
Magudanchavadi Upgraded PHCMagudanchavadi45Free
Subramaniya Nagar UPHCSubramaniya Nagar UPHC Subramaniya Nagar UPHC Salem CorpSalem45Free
Koineripatti APHCKoineripatti APHC Koineripatti APHC ChithoorSalem45Free
Vaigundam APHCVaigundam APHC Vaigundam APHC MagudanchavadiSalem45Free
Sedapatty APHCNangavalli Main Road Sedapatti APHC TharamangalamSalem45Free
Chinnagoundanoor APHCChinnagoundanoor APHC Chinnagoundanoor APHC VadugapattySalem45Free
Tholasampatty APHCTholasampatty APHC Tholasampatty APHC OmalurSalem45Free
Dharan Hospital SalemNo 14 Seelanickan Patty Bye Pass45Paid
Karungalpatty UPHCKarungalpatty UPHC, Karungalpatty UPHC, Salem Corp,Salem45Free
Komburankadu APHCKomburankadu APHC Komburankadu APHC NangavalliSalem45Free
Edapadi UPHCEdapadi UPHC Edapadi UPHC EdapadiSalem45Free
Poolampatti APHCPoolampatti APHC Poolampatti APHC ChithoorSalem45Free
Semmandapatti APHCSemmandapatti APHC Semmandapatti APHC KadayampattySalem45Free
Karuppur APHCKaruppur APHC OmalurSalem45Free
Sathiyannagar APHCSathiyannagar APHC Sathiyannagar APHC KolathurSalem45Free
Mettur Township UPHCMettur Township UPHC Mettur Township UPHC KolathurSalem45Free
Pachanampatti APHCPachanampatti APHC Pachanampatti APHC OmalurSalem45Free
Kadayampatti Upgraded PHCKadayampatti45Free
Nangavalli Upgraded PHCNangavalli45Free
Kedaiyur APHCKedaiyur APHC Kedaiyur APHC VadugapattySalem45Free
K N Puthur APHCK N Puthur APHC K N Puthur APHC KadayampattySalem45Free
Arisipalayam UPHCArisipalayam UPHC, Arisipalayam UPHC, Salem Corp,Salem45Free
Santhaithanampatti APHCSanthaithanampatti APHC Santhaithanampatti APHC NangavalliSalem45Free
MetturGHMettur GH Mettur45Free
Chettimankurichi APHCChettimankurichi APHC Chettimankurichi APHC ChithoorSalem45Free
Govt Mohan Kumaramangala MCHGovt Mohan Kumaramangala MCH Govt Mohan Kumaramangala MCH Salem CorpSalem45Free
Pakkanadu APHCPakkanadu APHC Pakkanadu APHC ChithoorSalem45Free
NGGO Colony UPHCNGGO Colony UPHC NGGO Colony UPHC Salem CorpSalem45Free
Pallapatti UPHCPallapatti UPHC, Pallapatti UPHC, Salem Corp,Salem45Free
Sowriyur APHCSowriyur APHC Sowriyur APHC NangavalliSalem45Free
Mattaiyampatti APHCEllampillai Main Road Mattaiyampatti APHC TharamangalamSalem45Free
Kitchipalayam UPHC3Rd Cross, Narayanan Nagar, Kitchipalayam Uphc, Salem45Free
Ponnammapet UPHCPonnammapet Uphc, Salem Corp, Salem45Free
Arasiramani APHCArasiramani APHC Arasiramani APHC VadugapattySalem45Free
Kuttapatti APHCKuttapatti APHC Kuttapatti APHC MecheriSalem45Free
Vellar APHCVellar APHC Vellar APHC MecheriSalem45Free
Gugai UPHCGugai UPHC, Salem Corp,Salem45Free
Shevapet UPHCShevapet UPHC Shevapet UPHC Salem CorpSalem45Free
Samuthiram APHCSamuthiram APHC Samuthiram APHC Konganapuram Salem45Free
Kolathur BPHCKolathur45Free
E Kattur APHCE Kattur APHC E Kattur APHC MagudanchavadiSalem45Free
Konganapuram Upgraded PHCKonganapuram Upgraded PHC Konganapuram Upgraded PHC Konganapuram Salem45Free
Elampillai Upgraded PHCElampillai45Free
Chitoor Upgraded PHCChitoor45Free
Tharamangalam Upgraded PHCTharamangalam45Free
Suramangalam UPHCSuramangalam UPHC Suramangalam UPHC Salem CorpSalem45Free
Thevur APHCThevur APHC Thevur APHC VadugapattySalem45Free
Moolakadai APHCMoolakadai APHC Moolakadai APHC KolathurSalem45Free
Veerapandi APHCVeerapandi APHC Veerapandi APHC Veerapandi Salem45Free
Vellalapuram APHCVellalapuram APHC Vellalapuram APHC Konganapuram Salem45Free
Aishwaryam Speciality Hospital114 1,BANGALORE BY PASS ROAD, NEAR A.V.R.ROUNDTANA, SALEM45Paid
Nainampatti GHNainampatti GH Nainampatti GH VeerapandiSalem45Free
Murungapatti APHCMurungapatti APHC Murungapatti APHC Veerapandi Salem45Free
Kannakuruchi Upgraded PHCKannakuruchi Upgraded PHC Kannakuruchi Salem45Free
Vellalappatti APHCVellalappatti APHC Vellalappatti APHC OmalurSalem45Free

COVAXIN centres

Reddiyur UPHCReddiyur45Free
Kumarasamipatty UPHCKumarasamipatty45Free
Dharan Hospital CovaxinSeelanaickenpatty45Paid
Omalur GHOmalur45Free
Dadagapatty UPHCDadagapatty45Free
Anna Hospital UPHCAnna Hospital UPHC Salem Corp Salem45Free