COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Raigad

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Raigad To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availability at these centres would be displayed.


Kuhire SubcenterKuhire Taluka PEN45Free
Sambh SubcenterSambh Subcenter Roha45Free
Vinhere PHCVinhere Taluka MAHAD45Free
Kokban PHCKokban PHC Taluka Roha45Free
Murud RHMurud Taluka Murud45Free
Chehare SCChehare SC Taluka Murud45Free
UPHC 2 PanvelAbhideep Building Koliwada (Old RH) Uran Naka45Free
Shahbaj SubcenterShahbaj SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Kavali Subcenter PHUKavali Taluka PALI45Free
Rajewadi SubcenterRajewadi Taluka MAHAD45Free
Nandgav SubcenterNandgav SC Taluka Murud45Free
Kashele RH 2Kashele RH45Free
Khamgaon PHC.Khamgaon PHC Taluka Mahasla45Free
Ambiwali PHCAmbiwali PHC Karjat45Free
Birwadi PHCBirwadi Taluka Mahad45Free
Kalote SubcenterKalote Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Chaudhariwadi SubcenterChaudhariwadi SC Taluka Karjat45Free
Matheran UHCMatheran UHC Taluka Karjat45Free
Aawas SubcenterAawas SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Chowk RHChowk RH Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Indapur PHCIndapur Taluka Mangaon45Free
Z.P.Aadgaon SubcenterAadgaon AWC Taluka Shrivardhan45Free
Khalapur PHCKhalapur PHC Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Jasai SubcenterJasai Shirke Taluka Uran45Free
Kamothe UPHC 6Near MNR School Kamothe45Free
UPHC 1 Gaodevi 18 To 44 YearNear Gaodevi Temple Panvel45Free
Chikhli PHCChikhali PHC Taluka Alibag45Free
Wave SCWave Revdanda Alibag45Free
Khopoli RH CovisheldKhopoli RH Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Medha SubcenterMedha Taluka Roha45Free
Mohili PHCMohili Taluka Karjat45Free
Hetwane SubcenterHetwane Taluka PEN45Free
Shahapur Mothe SubcenterPedhambe45Free
Dhokwade PHCDhokwade PHC Taluka Alibag45Free
Alibag Civil Hospi CovisheldNagar Palika Marathi School Thikrul Naka Alibag45Free
Beed SubcenterBeed Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
New Panvel Upkendra Above 45Karnatak Samaj Hall Sector-2 New Panvel45Free
Z.P. Pabare SubcenterPabare Hospital Taluka Mahasla45Free
Nere PHCNere PHC Taluka Panvel45Free
Harkol SubcenterHarkol Taluka Mangaon45Free
Pali PHCPali PHC Taluka PALI45Free
Palas SubcenterNaghotane Roha45Free
Mahsala PHCMahsala PHC Taluka Mahasla45Free
Hamarapur SubcenterHamarapur Taluka PEN45Free
Chochinde SubcenterChochinde SC Taluka MAHAD45Free
Jamruj SubcenterJamruj SC Taluka Karjat45Free
Karjat SDH KarjatKarjat Raigad45Free
Z.P.Sudkoli SubcenterZ.P.Sudkoli Subcenter45Free
Dhamani SubcenterDhamani Taluka Panvel45Free
Mulgaon Tiwpe SubcenterMulgaon Tiwpe Taluka Karjat45Free
Mohopada SubcenterMohopada SC Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Ambiwali SubcenterAmbiwali Taluka PEN45Free
Chouk PHCChouk PHC Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Z.P. Chondi SubcenterZ.P.Chondi Alibag45Free
Turbhe Bu.SCTurbhe Bu.AWC Taluka Poladpur45Free
Gavhan PHCGavhan PHC Taluka Panvel45Free
Wakas SubcenterWakas SC Taluka Karjat45Free
Usroli SCUsroli Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Deshmukh SCDeshmukh Mohalla Taluka MAHAD45Free
Khandape SubcenterKhandar Taluka Karjat45Free
Kadav PHCKadav PHC Taluka Karjat45Free
Chimbhave PHCChumbhave PHC Taluka MAHAD45Free
Shigre SubcenterShigre SC Taluka Murud45Free
Devali SCDevali Taluka Mangaon45Free
Dhamdevi SubcenterDhamdevi SC Taluka Poladpur45Free
Aashte SubcenterAashte Taluka PEN45Free
Upkendra KamotheRamsheth Thakur High School Kamothe45Free
Chafewadi SubcenterChafewadi Taluka Karjat45Free
Pitalwadi PHCPitalwadi PHC Taluka Poladpur45Free
Wagholi SubcenterWagholi SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Shilar SubcenterShilar Taluka Karjat45Free
Patnus SubcenterPatnus Taluka Mangaon45Free
Lakhpale SCLakhpale Taluka Mangaon45Free
Saswane SubcenterSaswane SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Pedhambe PHCPedhambe PHC Taluka Alibag45Free
Koproli SubcenterKoproli SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Chirner 1 SCChirner 1 Taluka Uran45Free
Gagode Bu SubcenterGagode Bu Taluka PEN45Free
Ratwad SubcenterRatwad Taluka Mangaon45Free
Hatnoli Aa.wadi SubcenterHatnoli Aa.wadi Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Saraswati College KhargharApollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai Saraswati College Of Eng Plot No 46 Near MSEB Sub Station Sector 5 Kharghar Navi Mumbai18Paid
Waghran SubcenterWaghran SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Dhatav SCDhatav Ambewadi Roha45Free
Aarao SubcenterAarao SC Taluka PEN45Free
Khandas PHCKhandas Karjat Raigad45Free
Sai PHC.Sai PHC Taluka Mangaon45Free
Shirwali PHCShirwali PHC Taluka Mangaon45Free
Waveghar SCWaveghar SC Taluka Panvel45Free
Palchil PHCPalchil PHC Taluka Poladpur45Free
Jambhulpada PHCJambhulpada PHC Taluka PALI45Free
Borlipanchtant PHCBorlipanchtant CCP Taluka Shrivardhan45Free
Gulsunde SCGulasunde SC Taluka Panvel45Free
Koproli AWCKoproli PHC Taluka Uran45Free
Ambewadi PHCAmbewadi PHC Taluka Roha45Free
Mangaon SDHMangaon SDH Taluka Mangaon45Free
Mahsala RHMahsala RH Taluka Mahasla45Free
Wavanje PHCWavanje PHC Taluka Panvel45Free
Kurul Subcenter AlibagKurul SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Kurdus SubcenterKurdus SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Gangwali SCGangwali Taluka Mangaon45Free
Walwati PHCWalwati Taluka Shrivardhan45Free
Apta SCApta SC Taluka Panvel45Free
UPHC 3 New Panvel 18 To 44 YrNear Banthiya High School Panvel45Free
Warndha PHCWarndha PHC Taluka MAHAD45Free
TATA Advhance Centre For TreatAdvhance Centre For Treatment Reserch Advhance Panvel Raigad45Free
Pingals SubcenterPingals SC Taluka Karjat45Free
Lonere SCLonere Taluka Mangaon45Free
Rish SubcenterRish SC Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Agardanda PHCAgardanda PHC Taluka Murud45Free
Warsai SubcenterWarsai Taluka PEN45Free
Vindhane SCVindhane Taluka Uran45Free
Rajpuri SubcenterRajpuri SC Taluka Murud45Free
Nadsur SubcenterNadsur Taluka PALI45Free
Nagothane PHCNagothane PHC Taluka Karjat45Free
Gadab PHCGadab PHC Taluka PEN45Free
Kamarli PHCKamarli PHC Taluka PEN45Free
Kalamboli UPHC 4Opposite Gurudwara Kalamboli45Free
Pachad PHCPachad PHC Taluka MAHAD45Free
Poyenje SubCenterPoyenje SubCenter45Free
Wakrul SubcenterWakul Subcenter Pen45Free
Gaurakamay SubcenterGaurakamay Taluka Karjat45Free
Kirwali SubcenterKirwali Taluka Karjat45Free
Shriwardhan SDHShriwardhan SDH Taluka Shrivardhan45Free
Kalamb PHCKalamb PHC Taluka Karjat45Free
RH RohaRoha Raigad45Free
Jite PHCJite PHC Taluka PEN45Free
Wavoshi PHCWavoshi PHC Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Poladpur RHPoladpur RH Taluka Poladpur45Free
Washi PHCWashi CCP Taluka PEN45Free
Bhal SCBhal SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Koper SubcenterKoper Taluka PEN45Free
Posari SCPosari Taluka Karjat45Free
Shirko SubcenterShirko Taluka PEN45Free
Mendadi PHCMendadi PHC Taluka Mahasla45Free
UPHC 5 Kharghar 18 To 44 YearKharghar Sec -12 Navi Mumbai45Free
Ghosale SubcenterGhosale Taluka Roha45Free
Yashwantkhar SubcenterYashwantkhar Taluka Roha45Free
Poynad PHCPoynad PHC Taluka Alibag45Free
Nandvi PHCNandvi PHC Taluka Mangaon45Free
Mankiwali SubcenterDhamani Aadiwasi Wadi Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Sugave SubcenterSugave SC Taluka Karjat45Free
Kodiwali SCKodiwali Taluka Karjat45Free
Pen SDH CovisheldPen SDH Taluka PEN45Free
Anjap SubcenterAnjap SC Taluka Karjat45Free
RCF Hospital AlibagRCF Hospital Alibag Taluka Alibag Raigad45Free
Saral SubcenterSaral SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Manjarane SCManjarane Taluka Mangaon45Free
Dadar SubcenterDadar Taluka PEN45Free
Borlimandala PHCBorlimandala PHC Taluka Murud45Free
Chinchoti SubcenterChinchoti Taluka Alibag45Free
Ajiwali PHCAjiwali PHC Taluka Panvel45Free
Nijampur PHCNijampur PHC Taluka Mangaon45Free
Chinchwali SubcenterChinchwali Taluka Karjat45Free
Tadwagale SubcenterTadwagale SC Taluka Alibag45Free
Goregaon PHCGoregaon Taluka Mangaon45Free
Ramraj SubcenterRamwadi AWC Taluka Alibag45Free
Bamangaon SubcenterBamangaon Alibag45Free
Morba SubcenterMorba Taluka Mangaon45Free
Kashid Borli SCKashid Borli AWC Taluka Murud45Free
Korlai SubcenterKorlai SC Taluka Murud45Free
Lohop PHCLohop PHC Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
Siddheshwar Budru. SubcenterSiddheshwar Budru. Taluka PALI45Free
Sarebhag SubcenterSarebhag SC Taluka PEN45Free
Rotary New PanvelNear New Panvel Church45Free
Khamb SubcenterKhamb Taluka Roha45Free
Sai 1 SubcenterSai 1 SC Taluka Panvel45Free
Rotary Khanda Colony Above 45Near Netrajyot Hospital Khanda Colony45Free
UPHC 1. Gaodevi 18 TO 44 YEARNear Gaodevi Temple Panvel45Free
Ainghar SubcenterNagothane Roha45Free
Nandgaon SubcenterNandgaon Taluka Karjat45Free
Revdanda PHCRevdanda PHC Taluka Alibag45Free
Tala PHCTala PHC Taluka Tala45Free
Navade Upkendra Above 45Old Panchayat Samiti Kendra Navade45Free
Pashane SubcenterPashane SC Taluka Karjat45Free
PHC MahagaonMahagaon Taluka Tala45Free
Mahagaon SubcenterMahagaon Taluka PALI45Free
Apta PHCApta PHC Taluka Panvel45Free
Olman SubcenterOlman SC Taluka Karjat45Free
Honad SubcenterHonad Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
RCF Hospital 2RCF Hospital Taluka Alibag45Free
JNPT Uran 2JNPT Uran 2 Taluka Uran45Free
Chai SubcenterChai Taluka Karjat45Free
Mahad RHMahad RH Taluka MAHAD45Free
Kandol SubcenterKandol Taluka KHALAPUR45Free
PHC NeralPHC Neral Taluka Karjat45Free
Dasgaon PHC.Dasgaon PHC Taluka MAHAD45Free
Poshir SubcenterPoshir SC Taluka Karjat45Free
Ulwe CidcoUlwe Cidco45Free
Suasth Hospital 1Suasth Hospital Panvel Raigad45Paid

COVAXIN centres

Pen SDH 2Pen SDH Taluka PEN45Free
Chowk RH 2Chowk RH Raigad45Free
Uran RH 2Uran RH Taluka Uran45Free
Alibag Civil Hospital 2Nagar Palika School Thikrul Naka Alibag45Free
Mahad RH 2Mahad RH Taluka MAHAD45Free
Kashele RHKashele RH Taluka Karjat45Free
Poladpur RH 2Poladpur RH Poladpur45Free
Roha RH 2Aashtmi Taluka Karjat45Free
Shriwardhan SDH 2Shriwardhan SDH Taluka Shrivardhan45Free
Mangaon SDH 2Mangaon SDH Tal.Mangaon Raigad45Free
Karjat SDH 2Karjat SDH Taluka Karjat45Free
Suasth Hospital 2Plot No-1, Roadpali Rd, Sector 20, Kalamboli, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410218, India45Paid
ONGC Health Center Panvel 2At Kalundre, Phase 1, ONGC Colony, Panvel45Free