COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Nilgiris

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 10-06-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Nilgiris To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Pazhathottam Mini Clinic Sogathorai 45 Free
Kappala APHC Kappala 45 Free
M Palada APHC M Palada APHC, M Palada 45 Free
Naduvattam APHC Naduvattam APHC,Near Post Office, Naduvattam 45 Free
Deversholai Mini Clinic Nellakottai 45 Free
Iduhatty Mini Clinic Kookalthorai 45 Free
Coonoor GH Coonoor 45 Free
Choondi Mini Clinic O Valley 45 Free
Masanagudi APHC Masanagudi 45 Free
Manjoor GH Manjoor GH, Manjoor 45 Free
Bearhatty Mini Clinic Yedapalli 45 Free
Alwarpet Mini Clinic Alwerpet 45 Free
Gudalur UPHC Gudalur 45 Free
M H Wellington Wellington 45 Free
Stone House Mini Clinc Stone House 45 Free
Pakkana Mini Clinic Pakkana Mini Clinic 45 Free
Ayyankolly APHC Ayyankolli APHC, Manuvyal Post, Ayyankolli 45 Free
Kolacombia APHC Kolacombai 45 Free
Srimadurai APHC Srimadurai 45 Free
Kotagiri GH Kotagiri 45 Free
Kolapalli APHC Kolapalli 45 Free
Thengumarada APHC Thengumarada APHC 45 Free
Hadathorai Mini Clinic Kattabettu 45 Free
Kethi Block PHC Kethi Chc 45 Free
Udhagamandalam HQ Hospital Udhagamandalam Head QTR Hospital 45 Free
Aravenu APHC Aravenu APHC 45 Free
Cherangode Mini Clinic Kollapalli 45 Free
Udhagamandalam UPHC Udhagamandalam UPHC, Near Ooty Bustand, Ooty 45 Free
Theppakkadu APHC Theppakkadu 45 Free
Thummanatty APHC Thummanatty Health Centre, Thummanatty 45 Free
Kundhaladi Mini Clinic Uppaty 45 Free
Padanthurai Mini Clinic Padanthurai 45 Free
Pandalur GH Pandular 45 Free
Yeadapalli APHC Yedapalli 45 Free
O Valley APHC O Valley APHC 45 Free
Cherambadi PHC Chermbadi 45 Free
Sholur APHC Sholur Additional PHC, Near Panchayat Office, Sholur 45 Free
Thuneri APHC Thuneri Additional PHC, Thuneri 45 Free
Nadugani Mini Clinic Nelliyalam Urban PHC 45 Free
Kallaty APHC Kallaty Additional PHC, Kallaty 45 Free
Nellakottai Upgraded PHC Nellakottai Upgraded PHC 45 Free
Ambalamoola APHC Ambalamoola APHC, Ambalamoola Post 45 Free
Sholurmattam APHC Sholurmattam APHC 45 Free
Kokkal Mini Clinic Kokkal 45 Free
Jackkanari Mini Clinic Arevenu 45 Free
Cherambadi Mini Clinic Cherambadi Mini Clinic 45 Free
Nelliyalam UPHC Nelliyalam 45 Free
Denadukomabi Mini Clinic Kadanadu 45 Free
Stone House Mini Clinic Ooty Stone 45 Free
S Kaikatty Mini Clinic Kaikatty 45 Free
Bitherkadu Mini Clinic Bitherkadu 45 Free
Queen Sholai Mini Clinic Kotagiri 45 Free
Bikkati APHC Bikkati APHC, Bikkati 45 Free
Kinnakorai Mini Clinic Kinnakorai 45 Free
Kandal Mini Clinic Udhagamandalam 45 Free
Melur Hosatty APHC Melur Hosatty 45 Free
Thuneri Mini Clinic Thuneri Mini Clinic 45 Free
Kappachi Mini Clinic Morigal 45 Free
Cordite Factory Aruvankadu 45 Free
Uppatty APHC Uppatty 45 Free
Thuthurmattam Mini Clinic Thuthurmattam Mini Clinic 45 Free
Ithalar APHC Ithalar APHC, Near Panchayat Office, Ithalar 45 Free
Nedugula BPHC Nedugula BPHC 45 Free
Oranally Upgraded PHC T Oranally 45 Free
Karadamattam APHC Karadamattam APHC Near Kodanad Estate, Karadamattam 45 Free
Dimbatty Mini Clinic Nedugula 45 Free
Kethi PHC Kethi 45 Free
Gudalur Government Hospital Gudalur 45 Free
Emerald Mini Clinic Emerald Mini Clinic 45 Free
Kattabettu APHC Near Kudumanai, Kattabettu Post, Kattabettu 45 Free
Coonoor UPHC Coonoor 45 Free
Aruvankadu APHC Aruvankadu APHC, Near Mariamman Kovil, Hosatty 45 Free
Adhigaratti APHC Adhigaratti APHC, Adhigaratti Post Coonoor 45 Free
Kookalthurai APHC Kookalthurai APHC, Kookalthurai Post 45 Free
Pushpa Hospital Bedford 45 Paid
Jegathala Mini Clinic Aruvankadu 45 Free
Siddhagiri Sai Hospital Yedapallai, Coonoor 45 Paid
Pushpagiri Hospital Gudalur 45 Paid

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
Kotagiri Gh COvaxin Kotagiri 45 Free
Kethi Block PHC Covaxin Kethi 45 Free
Coonoor GH Covaxin Coonoor 45 Free
Gudalur GH Covaxin Gudalur 45 Free
T Oranally Block PHC Covaxin T Oranally Upgraded PHC, T Oranally 45 Free
Pandular GH Covaxin Pandular 45 Free