COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Nanded

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 03-06-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Nanded To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Mukhed Barhali PHC Barhali PHC 45 Free
Hadgaon Tamsa PHC Tamsa PHC 45 Free
Biloli Kundalwadi Arali SC Arali SC 45 Free
Loha Penur PHC Penur PHC 45 Free
Loha Sonkhed Kiwala SC Kiwala SC 45 Free
RH Himayatnagar Covishield Himayat Nagar RH 45 Free
Mukhed Sawargaon PHC Sawargaon (P) 45 Free
Nanded Tuppa PHC Tuppa PHC 45 Free
Nanded Tuppa Dhanegaon SC Dhanegaon 45 Free
Hadgaon Waifana Loha SC Loha SC Waifana 45 Free
Mukhed Sawarmal PHC Sawarmal PHC 45 Free
Kinwat Apparaope Chikhali SC Chikhali 45 Free
Degloor Shahapur Narangal SC Narangal SC 45 Free
Mukhed Barhali Ravangaon SC Mukhed 45 Free
Mukhed Chandola PHC Chandola PHC 45 Free
Bhokar Bhosi PHC Bhosi PHC 45 Free
Degloor Hanegaon PHC Hanegaon PHC 45 Free
Degloor Markhel PHC Markhel PHC 45 Free
Nanded Rahati Waghi SC Waghi 45 Free
Mukhed SAWARGAON Kamjalga SC Kamjalga SC Sawargaon 45 Free
Mukhed Sawarmal Mukramabad SC Mukramabad SC Sawarmal 45 Free
Loha Sonkhed Sonkhed SC Sonkhed SC Sonkhed 45 Free
Shivaji Nagar UHC Covish 45 Shivaji Nagar Nr Police Station Nanded 45 Free
RH Umri Covisheild Umri RH 45 Free
Nanded Limbgaon Pawdewadi SC Pawdewadi 45 Free
Mukhed BARHALI Dapka G SC Dapka G SC Barhali 45 Free
Biloli Sagroli PHC Sagroli PHC 45 Free
Mukhed Sawarmal Ravi SC Ravi SC Sawamal 45 Free
District SGGS Covishield District Hospital1 45 Free
Kautha UHC Covishil-1 Above 45 Latur Road Nanded 45 Free
Degloor Hanegaon Loni SC Loni SC Degloor 45 Free
Loha Kalmber Telki SC Telki SC 45 Free
Bhokar Kini PHC Kini PHC 45 Free
Degloor Hanegaon Kumarpalli SC Kumarpalli SC 45 Free
Ardhapur Malegaon Kamtha SC SC Kamtha 45 Free
Hadgaon Waifana Ghogri SC Ghogari SC 45 Free
RH SDH Hadgaon Covishield Hadgaon SDH 45 Free
Mukhed SAWARGAON Junna SC Junna SC Sawargaon 45 Free
Loha Sonkhed Karegaon SC Karegaon SC Sonkhed 45 Free
Loha Malakoli PHC Malakoli PHC 45 Free
Nanded Markand Vishnupuri SC Vishnupuri SC 45 Free
Nanded Tuppa Kakandi SC Kakandi 45 Free
Loha Kalambar PHC New Kalambar PHC 45 Free
Biloli Lohgaon PHC Lohgaon PHC 45 Free
Loha Sonkhed Shewdi SC Shewdi 45 Free
Nanded Limbgaon Maralak SC Maralak 45 Free
Hadgaon Nimgaon PHC Nimgaon PHC 45 Free
RH SDH Gokunda Covishield Gokunda SDH 45 Free
Mukhed Rajura Pala SC Pala SC Rajura 45 Free
Mukhed SAWARGAON Beli Bk SC Beli Bk SC 45 Free
Mukhed Chandola .Salgara SC Sub Center Salgara 45 Free
Kandhar Pethwadaj PHC Pethwadaj PHC 45 Free
Loha Sonkhed Wadepuri SC Wadepuri 45 Free
Mukhed RAJURA Ambulga SC Ambulga SC Rajura 45 Free
RH Naigaon Covishield Naigaon RH 45 Free
Degloor Hanegaon Malegaon SC Malegaon SC Hanegaon 45 Free
Degloor Hanegaon Yedur SC Yedur SC Degloor 45 Free
Hadgaon Ashti Banchincholi SC Ashti 45 Free
Degloor Shahapur Alur SC Alur Subcentr 45 Free
Degloor Shahapur Shelgaon SC Shelgaon Subcenter 45 Free
Mukhed BARHALI Sugaon SC Sugaon Bk 45 Free
Loha Kapsi PHC Kapsi PHC 45 Free
Biloli Lohgaon Dugaon SC Dugaon SC Lohgaon 45 Free
Kandhar Kurula Digras Kh. SC Sub Center Digras Kh. 45 Free
Mukhed BARHALI Kalambar SC Kalambar SC Barhali 45 Free
H Nagar Chinchordi Wadgaon SC Wadgaon SC Chinchordi 45 Free
Mukhed RAJURA Undri SC Undri SC Rajura 45 Free
Mukhed Betmogra Mauli SC Mauli SC Betmogra 45 Free
Mukhed SAWARGAON Honwadaj SC Honwadaj 45 Free
Mukhed Rajura PHC Rajura PHC 45 Free
Mukhed Rajura Billali SC Billali SC Rajura 45 Free
Biloli Shankarnagar Atkali SC Atkali 45 Free
Loha Malakoli Risangaon SC Risangaon SC Malakoli 45 Free
Biloli Kundalwadi Arjapur SC Arjapur 45 Free
H Nagar Sarsam Pawana SC Sarsam 45 Free
Mukramabad PHC Mukramabad PHC 45 Free
Degloor Hanegaon Bembra SC Bembra SC 45 Free
District Ayurved Medical Coll AMC OPD NO. 17 45 Free
RH Dharmabad Covishield Dharmabad RH 45 Free
Degloor Shahapur PHC Shahapur PHC 45 Free
Mukhed Barhali Hasnal SC Mukhed 45 Free
Mukhed Barhali Wadgaon SC Mukhed 45 Free
Loha Sonkhed Dagadgao SC Sub Senter Dagadgaon 45 Free
Nanded Wadgaon PHC Wadgaon PHC 45 Free
Nanded Rahati PHC Rahati PHC 45 Free
Jangamwadi Covishil Above 45 Jangamwadi Nanded 45 Free
Kinwat Bodhadi PHC Bodhadi PHC 45 Free
Mahur Wanola PHC Wanola PHC 45 Free
Loha Penoor Sunegaon SC Sunegaon SC Penoor 45 Free
Hadgaon Waifana PHC Waifana PHC 45 Free
Mukhed Betmogra Betmogra SC Betmogra SC Betmogra 45 Free
Degloor Hanegaon Wazar SC Wazar SC Degloor 45 Free
Degloor Hanegaon Shilwani SC Shilwani SC 45 Free
Degloor Deglur UHC Deglur UHC 45 Free
Loha Sonkhed PHC Sonkhed PHC 45 Free
Degloor Shahapur Wannali SC Wannali Subcenter 45 Free
Hadgaon Ashti PHC Ashti PHC 45 Free
Degloor Markhel Bhayegaon SC Bhayegaon 45 Free
Hadgaon Nimgaon Chabhara SC Chabhra SC 45 Free
Mukhed BARHALI Manjari SC Manjari SC Barhali 45 Free
Kinwat Kothari Bhilgaon SC Bhilgaon SC 45 Free
Mukhed Rajura Yewati SC Yewati SC Rajura 45 Free
Hadgaon Nimgao Chinchgavan SC Chinchgavan SC Nimgaon 45 Free
RH Loha Covisheild Loha RH 45 Free
Mukhed Rajura Jahoor SC Jahoor SC Rajura 45 Free
Bhokar Bhosi Therban SC Therban SC 45 Free
Loha Malakoli Ashtoor SC Ashtoor SC Malakoli 45 Free
Mudkhed Mugat PHC Mugat PHC 45 Free
Mukhed Sawarmal Degaon SC Degaon SC Sawarmal 45 Free
Mukhed Jamb Bk Dapka R SC Dapka R Jamb 45 Free
Mukhed Sawarmal Gojegaon SC Gojegaon SC Sawarmal 45 Free
Nanded Limbgaon Talni SC Talni 45 Free
Hadgaon Nimgaon Manatha SC Nimgaon 45 Free
RH Barad Covishield Barad RH 45 Free
Nanded Rahati Sugaon SC Sugaon Kh 45 Free
Hadgaon Waipana Chikala SC Chikala SC Waifana 45 Free
Degloor Markhel Tadkhel SC Tadkhel SC Markhel 45 Free
Mukhed Betmogra Hangarga SC Hangarga SC 45 Free
Hadgaon Waipana Pathrad SC Pathrad SC Waifana 45 Free
Mukhed Chandola Motarga SC Motarga SC Chandola 45 Free
Biloli Shankarnagar PHC Shankarnagar PHC 45 Free
Loha Malakoli Dongargaon SC Dongargaon SC 45 Free
Mukhed Betmogra Eklara SC Eklara SC 45 Free
Loha Penoor Dhanora SC Dhanora 45 Free
Naigaon Barbada PHC Barbada PHC 45 Free
Degloor Markhel Ballur SC Ballur 45 Free
Biloli Kundalwadi PHC Kundalwadi PHC 45 Free
Khanapur PHC Khanapur PHC 45 Free
Ardhapur Malegaon PHC Malegaon PHC 45 Free
Bhokar Bhosi Pandurna SC Pandurna SC Bhosi 45 Free
Loha Penoor Jamga SHivani SC Jamga SHivani SC Penoor 45 Free