COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Namakkal

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 19-08-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Namakkal To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Vennadur GH Masakalipatty,Rasipuram Tk,Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Pallakkapalayam APHC Mariyamankovil Near Komarapalayam Tk Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Valavanthinadu GH Semmedu Post , Valavanthi Nadu , Kollihills , Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Ramapuram APHC Vaiyappamalai Road,Ramapuram Po,Thiruchengode Tk,Namakkal Dt 45 Free
Vinaitheerthapuram BPHC Govt.Primary Health CenterVinaitheerthapuramSdm Main RoadNkl 45 Free
Koodachery Aphc Phc Velur Main Road Koodachery Po Pvelur Tk 45 Free
Tiruchengode GH P.VELUR MAIN ROAD 45 Free
Konur Aphc Konur Aphc 45 Free
Elachipalayam APHC Ward No 6Backside Of Panchayat OfficeChinnaelachipalayam Elachipalayam (Po) Tiruchengode (Tk)Namakkal(Dt) 45 Free
Athanur Aphc Salem Main RoadAthanurRasipuram (Tk)Namakkal (Dt) 45 Free
Vengarai APHC West StreetVengarai 45 Free
Elur APHC Govt.Primary Health CenterPudupatti Road 45 Free
Komarapalayam GH Nadaraja Nagar, Komarapalayam Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Palamedu APHC Govt Primary Health Centret,4Th Ward,Palamedu,Pudur Post,Thiruchengode Tk,Namakkal Dt 45 Free
Velur GH Paramathy Road, Velur, Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Padaveedu APHC Padaveedu Padaveedu Po,Komarapalayam Tk, Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Pallipalayam GH Narayanan Nagar, Pallipalayam Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Mudalaipatti UPHC Salem Road Byepass Mudalaipatti 45 Free
Periyamanali APHC Velagoundampattyroad Periyamanali Periyamanali(Po)Tiruchengode(Tk)Namakkal(Dt) 45 Free
Pallipalayam UPHC Avarankadu,School Near,Pallipalayam Uphc ,Komarapalayam Tk, Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Mangalapuram APHC Mangalapuram Phc 45 Free
Manickampalayam BPHC Near Veterinary HospitalTiruchengode (Tk)Namakkal(Dt) 45 Free
Paramathy Aphc Gvot Sub Centre ParamathiVelur To Namakkal Main RoadParamathi Ward No4 P.VelurNamakkal 45 Free
Pillikapalayam Aphc Nallagoundampalayam 45 Free
Marakkalkaadu Uphc Marakkalkaadu Uphc 45 Free
Kadachanallur APHC Pullapalayam,Kadachanallur Phc.,Komarapalayam Tk, Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Erumaipatty Upgrade Block APHC Erumaipatty Upgraded Block APHC 45 Free
Pavithiram Aphc Pavithiram APHC 45 Free
Vaiyappamalai APHC Govt Primary Health CentreVaiyappamalaiVaiyappamalai PostThiruchengode TkNamakkal Dt 45 Free
Namagiripet UbAPHC Opposite To Weekly Market, Attur Main Road, Namagiripet, Rasipuram Tk, Namakkal Dt 45 Free
Namakkal UPHC Uphc NamakkalKottai Main Road Namakkal 45 Free
Vadugam APHC Ward No 4 Rasipuram To Pudupatti Main Road Govt Addl Primary Health Centre Vadugam. 45 Free
Thirumalaipatty APHC Govt.Primary Health Center Near Hr Sec School Main Road. 45 Free
O Sowdhapuram UPHC Olaipatty Main RoadAramathampalayamRasipuram (Tk)Namakkal (Dt) 45 Free
Thindamangalam Aphc Thindamangalam Aphc 45 Free
Puduchatram Aphc Puduchatram 45 Free
Kokkarayanpet Aphc Vannamparai Wednary Hopital Backside Kk Pet(Po)Komarapalayam Tk Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Kallankulam Aphc Kallankulam Aphc 45 Free
Palappatti BPHC Palapatty Bphc 45 Free
Namakkal Medical College Mohanur Road, Namakkal GH 45 Free
Ernapuram Block APHC Block Phc Ernapuram 45 Free
Tho.Jedarpalayam Aphc Tho.Jedarpalayam APHC 45 Free
Kabilarmalai BPHC Kabilarmalai Primary Health Center 45 Free
Sendamangalam GH Rasipuram Road, Senthamangalam Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Kumarapalayam Uphc Kumarapalayam Uphc 45 Free
Erayamangalam BPHC Molasi Bus StopMolasiTiruchengodu Tk Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Rasipuram UPHC Ward No 12Dasa StreetRasipuramNamakkal 45 Free
Jedarpalayam Aphc Jedarpalayam Primary Health Center 45 Free
Pillanallur BAPHC Ward No 15 , Rathnamahal Back Side , Rasipuram To Tiruchengode Main Road , Pillanallur. 45 Free
Alanganatham Aphc Alanganatham Aphc 45 Free
Mullukuruchi Aphc Mullukuruchi Aphc 45 Free
Mallasamudram BPHC Govt Primary Health Centre,Mallasamudram,Paruthipalli Main Road,Mallasamudram Post,Thiruchengode Tk,Namakkal Dt 45 Free
Elanthakuttai APHC Komarapalayam Main Roade,Elanthakuttai Phc.,Komarapalayam Tk, Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Periyasolipalayam Periyasolipalayam 45 Free
Nallur Block APHC Govt Primary Health CentreNallurIndian Bank Opp Velur To T.Gode Main RoadP.Velur(Tk)Namakkal(Dt). 45 Free
Thimmaravuthampatty Aphc Ward 2ThimmaravuthampattyKumaramanagalam (Po)Tiruchengode(Tk)Namakkal(Dt) 45 Free
K.K.Valasu Aphc K.K.Valasu Aphc 45 Free
Rasipuram GH 237, SH 79, Rasipuram, Namakkal Dt. 45 Free
Singalandapuram Aphc Singalandapuram Primary Health Centre 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
Ernapuram COVAXIN Tiruchengodu Road Ernapuram 45 Free

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