COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Mathura

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 06-10-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Mathura To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
CHC Barsana Barsana 45 Free
GOVERDHAN CHC Radha Kund Road Near Bus Stand Goverdhan 45 Free
MDS District Hospital Holi Gate Mathura 45 Free
PHC Paigaonv PHC Paigaonv Chhata 45 Free
PHC Naugaon PHC Nougaon Chaumoha 45 Free
PHC Pelkhu PHC Pelkhu 45 Free
PPC Krishna Nager PPC Krishna Nager Mathura 45 Free
G R Hospital Kosi Kalan 1180 Arya Nager Kosi Kalan 45 Paid
Baldeo CHC Baldeo CHC 45 Free
UPHC Heza Hospital 18to44 Only UPHC Heza Hospital Masani Mathura 18 Free
HWC Fondar Goverdhan HWC Fondar Goverdhan 45 Free
PHC Nagla Sanja Baldeo PHC Nagla Sanja Baldeo 45 Free
Raal CHC Ist Raal CHC Raal 45 Free
Mant CHC 18to44 Only Mant CHC 18 Free
UPHC Mahendra Nagar UPHC Mahendra Nagar 45 Free
HWC Gokul Baldeo HWC Gokul Baldeo 45 Free
HWC Sersa Farah HWC Sersa Farah 45 Free
Chhata CHC Chhata CHC Chhata 45 Free
Chaumuha CHC 18to44 Only Chaumuhan CHC 18 Free
HWC Satoha RAAL HCW Satoha RAAL 45 Free
UPHC Jhingurpura 18to44 Only UPHC Jhingurpura Near Old Bus Stand 18 Free
HWC Nagla Chandrabhan Farah HCW Nagla Chandrabhan Farah 45 Free
HWC Sihora Sonai HWC Sihora Sonai 45 Free
HWC Hulwana Barsana HWC Hulwana 45 Free
Vrindavan CHC 18to44 Only CHC Vrindavan 18 Free
HWC Ajijpur Barsana HWC Ajijpur Barsana 45 Free
Barsana CHC 18to44 Only Barsana CHC 18 Free
Sonai CHC Sonai CHC 45 Free
Chaumuhan CHC Agra Delhi Highway Chaumuhan 45 Free
Kosi Kalan CHC 18to44 Only CHC Kosi Kalan Shahpur Road Kosi Kalan 18 Free
Goverdhan CHC 18to44 Only Goverdhan CHC 18 Free
Nauhjheel CHC Nauhjheel CHC 45 Free
HWC Panigaon Mant HWC Panigaon Mant 45 Free
UPHC Radhe Shyam Colony UPHC Radhe Shyam Colony 45 Free
DWH ZilaMahilaHosp 18to44 Only District Women Hospital Mahura 18 Free
UPHC Sukhdev Nagar 18to44 Only UPHC Sukhdev Nagar 18 Free
UPHC Laxmi Nager 18to44 Only UPHC Laxmi Nager IshaPur Road Laxmi Nager 18 Free
SURIR PHC 18to44 Only PHC SURIR Nauhjheel 18 Free
Raya PHC 18to44 Only Raya PHC 18 Free
Mant CHC Mant CHC 45 Free
PHC Bhukhrari PHC Bhukhrari Chhata 45 Free
Kosi Kalan CHC Kosi Kalan CHC 45 Free
PHC Sherghar PHC Sherghar Chhata 45 Free
HWC TentiGaon Mant HWC TentiGaon Mant 45 Free
Chhata CHC 18to44 Only Chhata 18 Free
HWC Bhahai Farah HCW Bhahai Farah 45 Free
PHC Sonkh Dehat PHC Sonkh Dehat 45 Free
PHC Jhudawali PHC Jhudawali 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
HWC Sahar Chaumuhan HCW Sahaar Chaumuhan 45 Free
HCW Taroli Chaumuhan HCW Taroli Chaumuhan 45 Free
CHC Vrindavan CHC Vrindavan 45 Free
PHC Baad PHC Baad 45 Free
HWC Semri Chaumuhan HCW Semri Chaumuhan 45 Free
UPHC Kosi Kalan UPHC Kosi Kalan 45 Free
Police Line Hospital 1st Police Line Hospital 45 Free
PHC Usfar PHC Usfar 45 Free
MDS District Hospital Emerge District Hospital IINd 45 Free
MH Only For ARMY Military Hospital Mathura Cant 45 Free
PHC Bharnakala Chaumuhan PHC Bharnakala Chaumuhan 45 Free
UPHC Laxmi Nagar Jamunapur UPHC Laxmi Nager Mathura 45 Free

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