COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Mainpuri

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 05-12-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Mainpuri To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Sahan PHC Village Sahan 45 Free
Madan HWC Ghiror Health And Wellness Centres Madan 45 Free
Jaurai PHC Primary Health Centre Jaurai 45 Free
Hindupur HWC Bewar Health And Wellness Centres Hindupur 45 Free
Alipur Khaida PHC Village Alipur Khaida 45 Free
Nagla Anu PHC Primary Health Center Nagla Anu 45 Free
Aung PHC Village Aung 45 Free
Panwa Nagla Dhani PHC Primary Health Center Panwa Nagla Dhani 45 Free
Aurandh HWC Sultanganj Health And Wellness Centres Aurandh 45 Free
Chirawar PHC Village Chirawar 45 Free
Bhainsroli PHC Village Bhainsroli 45 Free
Sathigawan PHC Primary Health Center Sathigawan 45 Free
CHC BEWAR SITE-1 G T Road CHC Bewar 45 Free
Ghiror PHC Primary Health Center Shikohabad Mainpuri Road Ghiror 45 Free
CHC KISHNI-1 Bewar Etawah Road CHC Kishni 45 Free
Sheelvant HWC Bewar Health And Wellness Centres Sheelvant 45 Free
Ela Bans PHC Village Ela Bans 45 Free
Naviganj PHC Village Naviganj 45 Free
Kauwa Tanda PHC Primary Health Center Kauwa Tanda 45 Free
Dannahar PHC Primary Health Centre Dannahar 45 Free
Agontha PHC Primary Health Center Angautha 45 Free
Chilonsa PHC Village Chilonsa 45 Free
PHC Sultanganj 1 G T Road Near Fard Pur Chauraha PHC Sultanganj 45 Free
Joyti Town Kurawali Joyti Town Kurawali 45 Free
Ramnagar PHC I Village Ramnagar 45 Free
Takharau PHC Village Takharau 45 Free
CHC Karhal-1 Etawah Mainpuri Road CHC Karhal 45 Free
Kusamara PHC Village Kusamara 45 Free
CHC Kurawali Male Ghiror Road CHC Kurawali 45 Free
CHC KUCHELA-1 Mainpuri Barnahal Road CHC Kuchela 45 Free
Lekhrajpur PHC Village Lekhrajpur 45 Free
PHC Barnahal-1 Barnahal 45 Free
Manpur Hari PHC Village Manpur Hari 45 Free
JAGIR CHC-1 Near Villege Bhawat CHC Jagir 45 Free
Saman PHC Village Saman 45 Free
SHANKARPUR PHC Primary Health Centres Shankarpur 45 Free
District Male Hospital SC Kachehari Road Mainpuri 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
Old District Female Hospital District Hospital Mainpuri 45 Free
UPHC Hindpuram Hindpuram 45 Free
UPHC AGRA ROAD Agra Road UPHC Mainpuri 45 Free

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