COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Madurai

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 05-12-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Madurai To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
GovtHospitalTirupparankundram Tiruparankundram 45 Free
B B Kulaim UPHC Sathiyamoorthy 6Th Street Bb Kulammadurai 45 Free
Theeder Nagar UPHC Periyar Busstand Madurai 45 Free
Fathima Nagar UPHC Site Pethaniyapuram Madurai 45 Free
Katchakatti BPHC Vadippatti Block Madurai 45 Free
Elumalai BPHC ElumalaiSedappatti BlockMadurai 45 Free
Puttuthoppu UPHC Jail Road Madurai 45 Free
Chintamani UPHC Chintamani Madurai 45 Free
Kodikulam UPHC Alagarkovil Rd Maduai 45 Free
Kallandri BPHC Alagarkovil Rd Maduai 45 Free
Avanaiyapuram UPHC Avaniyapuram 45 Free
Usilampatti HQ Hospital Usilampatti Madurai Dt 45 Free
K Pudur UPHC K.Pudur Madruai 45 Free
Thirupparankundram UPHC Thirupparankundram Madruai 45 Free
Therkuvasal UPHC Therkuvasal Madurai 45 Free
Bikara UPHC Tpk RdBikara Madruai 45 Free
Balarangapuram UPHC Balarengapuram 45 Free
Ansari Nagar UPHC MappalayamMadurai 45 Free
Virattipathu UPHC Virattipath Madurai 45 Free
Koilpappakudi APHC Kovilpappakudi Madurai West Block Madurai 45 Free
Sholavanthan GH SholvandhanMadurai 45 Free
Chellampatti Bphc Theni Mani RdChellampatti BlockMadurai 45 Free
Aruldaspuram UPHC Thttaneri Main Road Madurai 45 Free
Kalligudi BPHC Kalligudi Madurai Dt 45 Free
Subramaniapuram UPHC Subramaniapuram Madurai 45 Free
Anuppanadi UPHC Anuppanadi 45 Free
Anaiyur UPHC Anaiyur 45 Free
M K Puram UPHC M K Puram Madurai 45 Free
Vellalore BPHC VellaloreMelur Block Madurai Dt 45 Free
Govt. Rajaji Hospital And MMC Alwarpuram Madurai 45 Free
GH Melur Melur 45 Free
Alanganallur Bphc Alanganallur Madurai 45 Free
Sathamangalam UPHC Sathamangalam 45 Free
Masthanpatti UPHC MasthanpattiSivagangai Rd 45 Free
Vandiyur UPHC K.K Nagar 45 Free
Valayankulam BPHC Valayankulam Thotthukudi Main RdMadurai 45 Free
Sellur UPHC Sellur Madruai 45 Free
Doddappanaickanoor Bphc Doddappanaickanur Madurai Dt 45 Free
Vadipatti GH VaddipattiMadurai 45 Free
GH Thirumangalam Thirumangalam 45 Free
Karisalkulam UPHC KarisalkulamMadurai 45 Free
Peraiyur GH Peraiyur T.Kallupatti BlockMadurai 45 Free
Solaialagupuram UPHC Solai Alagupuram Madruai 45 Free
Samayanallur BPHC Samayanallur Madurai 45 Free
Villapuram UPHC Villapuram Madurai 45 Free
Narimedu UPHC Narimedu Madurai 45 Free
Annathoppu UPHC Mela KailasapuramSimmakkal Madurai 45 Free
T Kallupatti BPHC T.Kallupatti BlockMadurai 45 Free
Munichalai UPHC Munichalai Madurai 45 Free
Karungalakudi BPHC Karungalakudi Kottampatti Block Madurai 45 Free
Thirupalai UPHC Gr NagarMadurai 45 Free
Thirunagar UPHC Thirunagar Madurai 45 Free
Checkanurani BPHC Theni Main RdCheckanurani 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
GRH Covaxin Site Madurai 45 Free
K Pudur Covaxin Site Alagarkovil Rd 45 Free
Melur GH Covaxin Site Melur 45 Free
Theeder Nagar Covaxin Site Theeder Nagar 45 Free
Munichalai Covaxin Site Munichalai 45 Free

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