COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Madhepura

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 02-10-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Madhepura To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Gamhariya H.Sc. Babhani Babhani 45 Free
Murho PHC Murho PHC 45 Free
Murliganj PHC Murliganj PHC 45 Free
Gamhariya Middle School(18-44) Gamhariya 18 Free
Kumarkhand HSC Parmanandpur PARMANANDPUR, KUMARKHAND 45 Free
Durga Middle School(18-44yrs.) Ghailadh 18 Free
Aapda Bhawan Behrani (18-44) Shankarpur 18 Free
Gamhariya HWC Fulkaha Rani Pok Fulkaha Gamhariya 45 Free
Chausa HWC Arajpur Arajpur 45 Free
Phc Udakishunganj Udakishunganj PHC 45 Free
Bihariganj HWC Tulsiya Tulsiya, Bihariganj 45 Free
Bihariganj HWC Gamail Gamail Bihariganj 45 Free
Gwalpara PHC Phc Gwalpara 45 Free
Murliganj HWC Navtol Parwa Navtol 45 Free
Alamnagar HWC Badhouna Badhouna Alamnagar 45 Free
Singheshwar CHC Singheshwar CHC 45 Free
Singheshwar HWC Bairbanna Bairbanna Singheshwar 45 Free
Chausa PHC Chausa PHC 45 Free
Udakishunganj HWC Naya Nagar Naya Nagar 45 Free
Murho HWC Manhara Manhara 45 Free
Alamnagar HWC Khurhan Milik Khurhan Alamnagar 45 Free
Sankarpur PHC Sankarpur PHC 45 Free
Yogendra High School(18-44yrs) Murho 18 Free
Alamnagar HWC Bispatti Bispatti Alamnagar 45 Free
Adarsh SM School (18-44yrs.) Kumarkhand 18 Free
JKT Medical ( Age 18-44 Yrs) Singheshwar Main Road 18 Free
Kumarkhand HSC. Rahta Rahta 45 Free
Gamhariya PHC Gamhariya PHC 45 Free
Madhepura Sadar Hospital Madhepura Sadar Hospital 45 Free
Murho HWC Bhelwa Bhelwa 45 Free
Bihariganj PHC Bihariganj PHC 45 Free
Ghailadh APHC Bardaha Bardaha 45 Free
Ghailadh PHC Ghailadh Phc 45 Free
Gwalpara HWC Sahpur Gwalpara PHC 45 Free
Kumarkhand APHC Ranipatti RANIPATTI KUMARKHAND 45 Free
UMS Puraini(18-44yrs.) Puraini Bazar 18 Free
Janta High School (18-44 Yrs) Chausa 18 Free
Shankarpur APHC Bathaan Parsa Middle School Bathaan Parsa 45 Free
Murho HWC Maheshua Maheshua 45 Free
Alamnagar HWC Khapur Ratwara Khapur Ratwara Alamnagar 45 Free
Murliganj HWC Belo HWC Belo 45 Free
Ghailadh APHC Bhatrandha Bhatrandha 45 Free
Gamhariya HWC Jogbani Jogbani 45 Free
SNMP HIGH SCHOOL (45) Main Road Madhepura 45 Free
Block Campus (18-44 Yrs.) Singheshwar 18 Free
Udakishunganj HWC Budhama Budhama 45 Free
Chausa HWC Chanda Chanda 45 Free
SNMP High School (18-44yrs.) Madhepura Main Market 18 Free
Singheshwar HWC Dulaar Dulaar 45 Free
Ghailar HWC Arraha Arraha, Ghailar 45 Free
Kumarkhand HSC. Bhatni Bhatni 45 Free
Murliganj HSC Rajni Rajni, Murliganj 45 Free
Madhuram Plus2 School(18-44yrs Gwalpara 18 Free
Puraini HWC Balatol Balatol 45 Free
Chausa HWC Kalashan Kalashan 45 Free
Judiciary Health Centre MDP Near SDM Campus Madhepura 18 Free
Alamnagar CHC Alamnagar CHC 45 Free
Murliganj HSC Tinkonma Tinkonma, Murliganj 45 Free
Murho HWC Sahugarh-2 Sahugarh 45 Free
Udakishunganj HWC Laxmipur Laxmipur 45 Free
BL High School(18-44yrs.) Murliganj 18 Free
Udakishunganj APHC Gopalpur APHC Gopalpur 45 Free
Murliganj HWC Amari Amari 45 Free
Singheshwar HWC Saropatti Saropatti 45 Free
Puraini HWC Nardah Nardah 45 Free
Block Sahkarita Bhawan(18-44) Udakishunganj 18 Free
Puraini APHC Aurai APHC Aurai 45 Free
Udakishunganj HWC Sahjadpur Sahjadur 45 Free
Bihariganj HWC Shekhpura Shekhpura, Bihariganj 45 Free
Puraini PHC Puraini PHC 45 Free
Kumarkhand HWC Belari Belari 45 Free
Alamnagar IB (Age 18-44yrs.) Alamnagar 18 Free
Kumarkhand CHC Kumarkhand Chc 45 Free
Chausa HWC Laualagaan Lauwalagaan 45 Free
Bihariganj HS (18-44yrs.) Bihariganj 18 Free
Bihariganj HWC Mohanpur Mohanpur Nisf 45 Free
Kumarkhand HSC Madhubani MADHUBANI, KUMARKHAND 45 Free
Gwalpara HWC Reshna Reshna, Gwalpara 45 Free
Singheshwar HWC Gurutaara Gurutaara 45 Free
Gwalpara HWC Tema Tola Tema Tola 45 Free
Shankarpur HWC Jeerwa Jeerwa 45 Free
Murho HWC Dhurgaoon Dhurgaoon 45 Free
Shankarpur HWC Maura Ramnagar Ramnagar 45 Free
Udakishunganj HWC Karauti Karauti 45 Free
Udakishunganj HSC Barateni Barateni, Udakishunganj 45 Free
Murho HWC Gorhaila Gorhaila 45 Free
Udakishunganj Anandpura Anandpura, Udakishunganj 45 Free

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