COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Kullu

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 05-12-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Kullu To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Manglore HSC VPO Manglore Tehsil Banjar 45 Free
Bhullang HSC Village Bhullang PO Mohal 45 Free
CH Nirmand VPO And Tehsil Nirmand 45 Free
Archandi HSC VPO Archandi, Teh.Kullu 45 Free
Kharga HSC VPO Kharga Tehsil Nirmand 45 Free
Civil Hospital Anni MCH VPO Anni Distt. Kullu 45 Free
Seobag HSC VPO Seobag 45 Free
Karjan HSC VPO KarjanTeh Manali 45 Free
Primary Health Centre Kothi Village Sinvi PO Kothi Tehsil Anni 45 Free
Channikhor HSC Village Channikhor PO Jallugran 45 Free
Hirni HSC Vill Hirni, PO Larakalo Tehsil Kullu 45 Free
Showad PHC VPO Showad PO Kothi Tehsil Anni 45 Free
Kungash PHC Village Kungash Po- Peog Teh Anni 45 Free
CHC Dalash VPO Dalash Tehsil Anni 45 Free
Mohal HSC VPO Mohal 45 Free
Hallan-2 HSC Village Hallan-2 PO Patlikuhal 45 Free
RH Kullu (Senior Citizens) RH Kullu 45 Free
HSC Rumsu Rumsu 45 Free
Pirdi HSC Village Pirdi PO Mohal 45 Free
PHC Arsu VPO Arsu Tehsil Nirmand 45 Free
HSC Parsha Village Siyal PO Manali 45 Free
Tunan HSC VPO Tunan Tehsil Nirmand 45 Free
Dhara HSC VPO Dhara Tehsil Bhunter 45 Free
Fozal HSC VPO Fozal 45 Free
Gojra HSC Village Gojra PO Tehsil Manali 45 Free
Kalwari HSC VPO Kalwari Tehsil Banjar 45 Free
Baragran HSC VPO Baragran 45 Free
Civil Hospital Manali Near Petrol Pump 18 Free
PHC Gushaini MCH VPO Gushaini Tehsil Banjar 18 Free
CHC Sainj VPO Sainj Tehsil Banjar 18 Free
Jari CHC MCH VPO Jari Tehsil Bhunter 18 Free
Garsa PHC VPO Garsa Tehsil Bhunter 18 Free
CHC Patlikul Near Police Station 18 Free
CH Banjar VPO Banjar 18 Free
PHC Bhutti VPO Bhutti 18 Free
Tegubehar Civil Hospital Village Tegubehar PO Khokhan 18 Free
PHC Naggar VPO Naggar 18 Free

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