COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Kulgam

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Kulgam To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
L G Pora PHC LG Pora 45 Free
HW Center Bhaan Bhan Qaimoh 45 Free
Qazigund PHC Qazigund 45 Free
PHC Waltingo Waltingoo 45 Free
Frisal PHC Frisal 45 Free
Manzgam PHC Manzgam 45 Free
PHC Vessu Vessu 45 Free
S/C Oky Oky Kulgam 45 Free
NTPHC Tangmarg Tangmarg 45 Free
S/C Akhall Akhall 45 Free
PHC Kilam Kilam 45 Free
UD HC Gam HC Gam 45 Free
HW Kanipora Kanipora 45 Free
S/C Sailkhanjan Sailkhanjan 45 Free
CHCYaripora Yaripora 45 Free
Arwani PHC Ariwani 45 Free
S/C Kutamarg Kutmarg 45 Free
S/C Gulzar Abad Gulzarabad 45 Free
HW Mirhama Mirhama 45 Free
S/C Bangiward Bangward 45 Free
G B Khalil NTPHC G B Khalil 45 Free
HW Checkpora Chack Pora 45 Free
Srandoo NTPHC Sarndoo 45 Free
S/C Shurath Shurath 45 Free
NTPHC Lammar Lammar 45 Free
Damidullah Damidullah 45 Free
PHC Devsar Devser 45 Free
HW Center Kadder Kadder 45 Free
M Pora PHC M Pora 45 Free
S/C Parigam P Parigam P 45 Free
HW Center Redwani Redwani 45 Free
PHC Sadiwara Sadiwara 45 Free
NTPHC D K Marg D K Marg 45 Free
HW Center Buchroo Buchroo 45 Free
Katarasoo PHC Katrasoo 45 Free
S/C Chamair Chimmer 45 Free
Nowbal Nowbal 45 Free
Pahloo PHC Pahloo 45 Free
Tarigam PHC Tarigam 45 Free
S/c Batengoo Batengoo 45 Free
Qaimoo PHC Qaimoo 45 Free
CHC D H Pora D H Pora 45 Free
Kujjar NTPHC NTPHC Kujjar(CCP) 45 Free
HW Centre Panzath Panzhat 45 Free
Bugam PHC. Bugam 45 Free
NTPHC ChekiWangund Chek WAngund 45 Free
Wanpora S/C Wanpora(CCP) 45 Free
NTPHC Gudder Gudder 45 Free
S/C Yamrach Yamrach 45 Free
S/C Humpathri Humpathri 45 Free
Behibagh PHC Behibagh 45 Free
PHC Razloo Razloo 45 Free
HW Gasran Gasren 45 Free
Nehima PHC Nehima 45 Free
S/C K J Pora K J Pora 45 Free
S/C Denew Denew 45 Free
HW Center Uranhall Uranhal 45 Free
NTPH Khull Khull 45 Free
PHC K B Pora K B Pora 45 Free
HW Center Poniwah Poniwah 45 Free
HW Center Nunmai Noonami 45 Free
Kulgam DH District Hospital 45 Free
NTPC Ahmadabd Ahmadabad 45 Free
S/C Jabliproa Jabliproa 45 Free
S/C Brinal Brinal 45 Free
NTPHC Nagam Nagam 45 Free
S/C Yadikah Yarikha 45 Free
T Tachloo Tachloo 45 Free