COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Kangra

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 02-02-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Kangra To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Rakkar PHC VPO Rakkar 45 Free
Bhanala HSC VPO Bhanala Tehsil Shahpur 45 Free
CH Bhawarna CH Bhawarna 45 Free
Takipur PHC VPO Takipur 45 Free
Haripur CHC VPO Haripur, Tehsil Dehra 45 Free
Rakkar CHC VPO Rakkar 45 Free
Shahpur CH VPO Shahpur Tehsil Shahpur 45 Free
Civil Hosp Palampur VPO Palampur 45 Free
Indora CH VPO Indora, Tehsil Indora 45 Free
CH Nagrota Bagwan Conference Hall CH Nagrota Bagwan 45 Free
Thill HSC VPO Thill 45 Free
Panchrukhi PHC VPO Panchrukhi 45 Free
MCH Banuri V.P.O Banuri Tehsil Palampur Distt Kangra Kangra HP 45 Free
Kamlota HSC Vill Kamlota PO Kahala 45 Free
Jawali MCH VPO Jawali, Tehsil Jawali 45 Free
Ther HSC Vill Ther PO Jagnoli 45 Free
Chamunda PHC VPO Chamunda 45 Free
Tiara MCH VPO Tiara, Tehsil 45 Free
Khaira CHC VPO Khaira 45 Free
Ch Baijnath Ch Baijnath 45 Free
Jwalamukhi CH Jwalamukhi CH 45 Free
Bindraban HSC VPO Bindraban Distt Kangra 45 Free
Averi HSC VPO Averi 45 Free
Fatehpur CH VPO Fatehpur 45 Free
CH Kangra CH KangrA 45 Free
Lanjani HSC Vill Lanjani PO Charri Tehsil Shahpur 45 Free
Aluha HC VPO Aluha 45 Free
Tang HSC VPO Tang 45 Free
Tota Rani HSC VPO Tota Rani 45 Free
Mour HSC Vill Mour, PO Khundian 45 Free
Dheera CHC VPO Dheera 45 Free
Mahakal PHC VPO Mahakal, Tehsil Baijnath 45 Free
Dharoon PHC VPO Dharoon Fatehpur 45 Free
Barot Banal HSC VPO Barot Banal 45 Free
Sunhet PHC VPO Sunhet Tehsil Dehra 45 Free
Barram HSC VPO Barram 45 Free
Kundli Haar HSC Vill Kundli Har 45 Free
Jassur PHC VPO Jassur Tehsil Nurpur 45 Free
Bharmar HSC VPO Bharmar 45 Free
Nahlian HSC Nahlian 45 Free
Duck HSC VPO Duck 45 Free
Darkati HSC VPO Darkati Tehsil Jawali 45 Free
MH Yol For Army MH Yol 45 Free
Kotla MCH VPO Kotla Tehsil Jawali 45 Free
Ghar HSC VPO Ghar Tehsil Palampur 45 Free
Drug HSC VPO Drug Tehsil Jaisinghpur 45 Free
Shekhupur HSC VPO Shekhupur 45 Free
CH Nurpur Conference Hall CH Nurpur 45 Free
ESI Terrace VPO Terrace Tehsil Jaswan 45 Free
Sudhangal HSC VPO Sudhagani 45 Free
Rajal HSC VPO Rajal Tehsil Kangra 45 Free
PHC Bari VPO Bari 45 Free
Ropri PHC Vill Ropri PO Maharajnagar 45 Free
Kharibehi HSC Vill Kharibehi PO Kareri Tehsil Shahpur 45 Free
Bassa PHC VPO Bassa Tehsil Nurpur 45 Free
Pragpur PHC VPO Pragpur Tehsil Dehra, District Kangra 45 Free
Sullah CHC VPO Sullah 45 Free
RAH Paprola MCH VPO Paprola, Tehsil Baijnath 45 Free
Nagrota Surian CHC VPO Nagrota Surian 45 Free
Kouna HSC VPO Kouna 45 Free
Dhaliara PHC Vpo Dhaliara Teh Dehra Distt Kangra 45 Free
CHC Rey1 GMS Rey 45 Free
Dadasiba CH VPO Dadasiba Tehsil Dadasiba 45 Free
Palera HSC Ppera . P.O Ranital Tehsil Kangra Distt Kangra 45 Free
Pirsaluhi CHC GSSS PIRSALUHI VPO Pirsaluhi Tehsil Rakkar 45 Free
Sakri HSC VPO Sakri 45 Free
Larthwari HSC VPO Larthwari 45 Free
Dharamshala ZH OPD Building 45 Free
Kotlu PHC VPO Kotlu 45 Free
Thural CH VPO Thural 45 Free
Pharer PHC VPO Pharer 45 Free
Bane Di Hatti HC VPO Bane Di Hatti 45 Free
Chadhiar CH VPO Chadhiar Tehsil Baijnath 45 Free
Kherian HC VPO Kherian 45 Free
Naushera HSC VPO Naushera 45 Free
Garli CH VPO Garli Tehsil Rakkar 45 Free
Meherna HSC VPO Maherna Tehsil Shahpur 45 Free
Baranda PHC V.P.O Baranda,Block-Gangath,Kangra 45 Free
Golwan1 HSC VPO Golwan 45 Free
Sadwan MCH PO Sadwan Tehsil Nurpur District Kangra 45 Free
Kuther CHC VPO Kuther Tehsil Jawali 45 Free
Dari PHC VPO Dari, Tehsil Dharamshala 45 Free
Khundian CHC VPO Khundion 45 Free
Jaisinghpur CH VPO Jaisinghpur 45 Free
Bagli PHC VPO BAGLI 45 Free
Garh PHC VPO Garh 45 Free
Library Tanda Dr RPGMC Tanda 45 Free
Khaniara PHC VPO Khaniara, Tehsil Dharamshala 45 Free

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