COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Jammu

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Jammu To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
R S Pura SDH R S Pura 45 Free
Rathana Morh PHC Rathana Morh 45 Free
Pallanwala PHC Pallanwala 45 Free
Military Hospital Nagrota 85 Military Hospital Nagrota 45 Free
Queer SC Queer 45 Free
Sainik Colony Sainik Colony 45 Free
Talab Khatikan UPHC Talab Khatikan 45 Free
UNIT HOSPITAL 176 BN BSF Miran Sahib 45 Free
Belicharana Belicharana 45 Free
Bharore NTPHC Kanheri Bharore 45 Free
Bhagwati Nagar Bhagwati Nagar 45 Free
GB Pant Hospital GB Pant Hospital 45 Free
Sardare Chak Sardar Chak 45 Free
Jmu Univ Gymnasium Hall Univerisity Of Jammu Near Gujjar Basti 45 Free
Muthi Migrant Muthi Migrant 45 Free
Shastri Nagar Shastri Nagar 45 Free
Chawadhi NTPHC Chawadhi 45 Free
Roopnagar Roopnagar 45 Free
Tacherwan Tacherwan 45 Free
Chibba PHC Chibba 45 Free
Bathindi UPHC Bathindi 45 Free
Toph Sherkhania NTPHC Toph Sherkhania 45 Free
Military Hospital Akhnoor Military Hospital Akhnoor 45 Free
Govt Hospital Sarwal UPHC Govt Hospital Sarwal 45 Free
Jindrah PHC Jindrah 45 Free
Bhalwal Brahmana Bhalwal Brahmana 45 Free
Kandi Kathar Kathar 45 Free
Chatha NTPHC Chatha 45 Free
Sidhra UPHC. Sidhra UPHC 45 Free
Gangal Gangal 45 Free
Sohal PHC Sohal 45 Free
Nanak Nagar UPHC Nanak Nagar 45 Free
Military Hospital Satwari Military Hospital Satwari 45 Free
Rah Salyote Rah Salyote 45 Free
Janipur UPHC Janipur UPHC 45 Free
Channi Himmat Channi Himmat 45 Free
Dablehar NTPHC Dablehar 45 Free
Subhash Nagar Subhash Nagar UPHC 45 Free
Mubarak Mandi Mubarak Mandi 45 Free
Sai PHC Sai Hospital 45 Free
Jourian CHC Jourian 45 Free
Gho Manahasa PHC Gho Manahasa 45 Free
Channi Rama Channi Rama 45 Free
Red Cross Society Health Red Cross Society Health Centre 45 Free
Bahu Fort Bahu Fort 45 Free
Composite Hospital CRPF CRPF Bantalab 45 Free
KERI PHC KERI Hospital 45 Free
Purkhoo Migrant Purkhoo Migrant 45 Free
Shakti Nagar Urban Health Post Shakti Nagar 45 Free
Arnia PHC Arnia 45 Free
Badyal Brahmana PHC Badyal Brahmana 45 Free
Mamka SC Mamka 45 Free
Dansal Dansal 45 Free
Akhnoor CHC Akhnoor CHC 45 Free
Super Specialty Hospital Bakshi Nagar 45 Free
Kanachak PHC Kanachak 45 Free
Aghar Majoor Aghar Majoor 45 Free
Rehal PHC Rehal 45 Free
Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Rajiv Gandhi Hospital 45 Free
KOT BHALWAL Kot Bhalwal 45 Free
Hospital Gandhi Nagar UPHC Govt Hospital Gandhi Nagar 45 Free
Bishnah SDH Bishnah 45 Free
Pargwal PHC Pargwal 45 Free
Phc Kharah Kharah 45 Free
Jogwan Jogwan 45 Free
Sungal PHC Sungal 45 Free
FH Domana ECHS SERVING Depdt ECHS Serving Dependant Only Domana 45 Free
UPHC Digiana Digiana UPHC 45 Free
Chowki Choura PHC Chowki Choura 45 Free
Trikuta Nagar Trikuta Nagar 45 Free
Malla SC Malla 45 Free
Simbal Camp PHC Simbal Camp 45 Free
Nagrota NTPHC Nagrota 45 Free
Gujjar Nagar Gujjar Nagar 45 Free
Danger Danger 45 Free
Sohanjana CHC Sohanjana 45 Free
Satryian PHC Satryian 45 Free
GMC Jammu Bakshi Nagar 45 Free
SMGS Hospital SMGS Hospital 45 Free
Jagti SDH Jagti 45 Free
Sagoon HWC Sagoon 45 Free
Gurha Manahas NTPHC Gurha Manahas 45 Free
Marh CHC Marh Hospital 45 Free
Talab Tillo UPHC Talab Tillo 45 Free
Baspur Baspur 45 Free
Khour. Khour 45 Free
Police Line Hospital Police Line Hospital 45 Free
Chakrohi NTPHC Chakrohi 45 Free
Gangyal NTPHC Gangyal 45 Free
Mera Mandrian PHC Mera Mandrian 45 Free
Gole Gujral PHC Gole Gujral 45 Free
Salehar NTPHC Salehar 45 Free
Civil Secretariat Dispensary Civil Secretariat Jammu 45 Free
MISHRIWALA. Mishriwala 45 Free
Air Force Station Hospital Air Force Station Hospital 45 Free
Miran Sahib NTPHC Miran Sahib 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
Govt Girls High School Canal Canal Road Near Irrigation Office 18 Free