COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Hassan

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 02-10-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Hassan To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Madalu Hospital Arasikere Main Road Madalu 45 Free
Kalkere Hospital Beside Govt School Kalkere 45 Free
Chakenahalli Hospital Beside Govt School Chakenahalli PHC 45 Free
Valagerahalli PHC Hospital Road Olagerahalli 45 Free
Kargunda Hospital Hospital Road Kargunda 45 Free
Udayapura Hospital Bangalore Mangalore Main Road Udayapura(v) 45 Free
Doddakunche Hospital Holenarasipura Road Doddakunche 45 Free
Paduvalahippe Hospital Holenarasipura Arakalgudu Road Paduvalahippe 45 Free
Sc Yadavanahalli Phc Kenkere 45 Free
Belawadi Hospital Basavapatna Road Belavadi 45 Free
Alur Taluk Hospital Booth 2 Alur Taluk Hospital 45 Free
Rampura Calony Hospital Anganwadi Rampura 45 Free
UPHC Arsiker UPHC Arsiker 45 Free
Bhageshapura Hospital Arasikere Road Bhageshapura 45 Free
Didiga Hospital Govt School Behind Didiga 45 Free
Changadihalli Hospital Beside Govt School Changadihalli 45 Free
Basavapatna PHC Saligrama Road Basavapatna 45 Free
Hettagowdanahalli PHC Holenarasipura And Arakalgudu Main Road Hettagowdanahalli 45 Free
Thatanahalli Hospital Holenarasipura Road Thatanahalli 45 Free
Mallipatna Hospital Opp KEB Office School Mallipatna 45 Free
SC VADDARAHALLI Vaddarahalli 45 Free
Kanakatte Hospital Near Bus Stant Circle Kanakatte (v) 45 Free
Gangigere Hospital Gangigere PHC 45 Free
Bolakyatanahalli PHC Goruru H N Pura Main Road Bolakyatanahalli 45 Free
Shukravara Santhe Hospital Hospital Road Shukravara Santhe 45 Free
Kolgunda Hospital Kolgunda Hospital 45 Free
HIMS Room No 241 Booth 3 Opp Old Court Road Hassan 45 Free
Kondenalu Hospital Tippaturu Road Kondenalu (v) 45 Free
Doddabemmatti PHC Doddabemmatti 45 Free
Mattanavile Hospital Bangalore Mangalore Main Road Mattanavile 45 Free
Hallimysore Hospital Opposite Police Station Hallimysore (v) 45 Free
Keralapura Hospital Behind Govt School Keralapura 45 Free
Bagivalu Hospital Bus Stant Near Bagivalu (v) 45 Free
Beernahalli Hospital Hospital Road Beeranahalli Kere Hassan 45 Free
Handralu Hospital Handralu Hospital 45 Free
Santhekoppalu Hospital Hassan Road Santhe Koppalu 45 Free
Kenchammana Hosakote PHC Kodlipete Road K Hosakote 45 Free
Akkanahalli Cross Hospital Naer Bus Stand Akkanahalli Cross 45 Free
Channarayapatna Hospital 3 B M RoadChannarayapatna 45 Free
Doddagenigere Hospital Hospital Road Doddagenigere 45 Free
Basavagatta Hospital Basavagatta Anganwadi 45 Free
Kalyadi Hospital Near Govt School Kalyadi 45 Free
Kallusadarahalli Hospital Banavara Raod Kallusadarahalli 45 Free
Undiganalu Hospital Undiganalu PHC 45 Free
Ranga Nayakanakoppalu Hospital Hospital Road R N Koppalu 45 Free
Palya PHC Sakaleshapura Hassan Main Road Palya 45 Free
Dammalingala Hospital Dammalingala Anganwadi 45 Free
Konanuru Hospital Near KEB Office Konanuru 45 Free
A Cholenahalli Hospital Cholenahalli Anganwadi 45 Free
Shashivala Hospital Hospital Road Shashivala 45 Free
Baguru Hospital Beside Govt School Baguru 45 Free
Nuggehalli Hospital Opp KSRTC Bust Stand Nuggehalli (v) 45 Free
Hirisadarahalli Hospital Beside Govt High School Hirisadarahalli 45 Free
Taluk Hospital Sakleshapura Basaveshwara Road Sakleshapura 45 Free
Olambige Hospital Anganwadi Olambige 45 Free
Shanthigrama Hospital Hassan Bangalore Road Shantigrama 45 Free
Hariharapura Hospital Holenarasipura Road Hariharapura 45 Free
Ganguru Hospital Boot 1 Bettadapura Road Ganguru 45 Free
Srinivasapura Hospital Channarayapatna Holenarasipura Main Road Srinivasapura 45 Free
Nitturu Hospital Nitturu Hospital Road 45 Free
Handrangi Hospital Handrangi Hospital 45 Free
Chikkakadaluru Hospital 1 Arasikere Hassan Main Road Chikkakadaluru 45 Free
Doddamagge Hospital Arakalgud Road Opp Govt High School Doddamagge 45 Free
HIMS Room No 9 Booth 4 Opp Old Court Road Hassan 45 Free
Pensonmohalla UPHC Penson Mohala Main Road Hassan 45 Free
Arasikere Taluk Hospital Kadoor Road Arasikere 45 Free
Purlehalli Sc Kallusadarahalli, Arsikere 45 Free
Kundur Channapura Hospital Bus Stand Circle K Channapura (v) 45 Free
Halekote Hospital Hassan Holenarasipura Road Halekote 45 Free
Hagare Hospital Hospital Road Hagare 45 Free
Banavara Hospital Hospital Road Banavara (v) 45 Free
Rayarakopplu Hospital CS College Road Rayarakoppalu 45 Free
Malali Hospital Holenarasipura Road Malali 45 Free
Doddakadanuru Hospital Hassan Mysore Road Doddakadanuru 45 Free
Haranahalli Hospital Arasikere Hassan Main Road Haranahalli (v) 45 Free
Bidare Hospital Hospital Road Bidare 45 Free
Javagal Hospital Hospital Road Javagal 45 Free
Muttigehirehalli Hospital Muttigehirehalli Anganwadi 45 Free
Huvinahalli Kaval PHC Beluru Hassan Main Road Huvinahalli Kaval 45 Free
Rudrapatna PHC Near Anganwadi Rudrapatna 45 Free
Ankpura Hospital Kattaya Road Ankapura 45 Free
Kenkere Hospital Hospital Road Kenkere 45 Free
Holenarsipura Taluk Hospital-2 KSRTC Bus Stand Opposite Holenarsipura 45 Free
Hirisave Hospital Boot 2 Bangalore Road Hirisave 45 Free
M Krishna Hospital UPHC Tippunagar Hassan 45 Free
Arkalgud Taluk Hospital Holenarasipura Road Arkalgud 45 Free
JC Pura Hospital Arasikere Road JC Pura 45 Free
Nerlige Hospital Nerlige 45 Free
Salagame Hospital Near Bus Stand Salagame 45 Free
Bannuru Hospital Hospital Road Bannuru 45 Free
Kamasamudra Hospital Kamasamudra Hospital 45 Free
Sathenahalli Hospital Anganwad Sathenahalli 45 Free
Anathi Hospital Beside Govt School Anathi 45 Free
Gandasi Hospital Hospital Road Gandasi (v) 45 Free
Abbana Hospital Near Anganwadi Abbana 45 Free
Ramanathapura PHC Hospital Opp KSRTC Bus Stand Ramanathapura 45 Free
Kundurmata Hospital Beside Govt School Kundurmata(v) 45 Free
Honnavara Hospital Honnavara Anganwadi 45 Free
SC Arakere Phc Kolgunda 45 Free
Arakere Sub Center Kolgunda Phc Arsikere 45 Free
Kalgundi Sc Phc Rn Koppalu, Arsikere Taluk 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
Basavapatna Basavapatna 45 Free
Holenarasipura GH Boot 1 Opp KSRTC Bus Stand 45 Free
Baguru Hospital COVAXIN Beside Govt School Baguru 45 Free
Hiresave Booth2 Bangalore Road Hirisave 45 Free
Mattanavile Hospital COVAXIN Anganwadi Halebelagula 45 Free
J C Pura Hospital Covaxin Arasikere Road Main Road J C Pura 45 Free
Channarayapatna Hospital 2 B M Road Channarayapatna 45 Free
Arasikere TH Hospital Shimogga Road Arsikere 45 Free
Paduvalahippe Hospital Covixen Holenarasipura Arakalgudu Road Paduvalahippe(v) 45 Free
Halebeedu CHC Behind KSRTC Bus Stand Halebeedu 45 Free
Dudda Hospital Booth 2 Oppsite KSRTC Bus Stand Dudda 45 Free
Goruru Hospital COVAXIN Boot Beside Govt School Goruru 45 Free
Bolkyathanalli Bolkyathanalli 45 Free
Halekote Hospital COVAXIN Hassan Main Road Halekote 45 Free
Aluru Hospital COVAXIN Beside KSRTC Bus Stand Alur 45 Free
Rudrapatna Rudrapatna 45 Free
Dammalingala COVAXI Boot Hospital Road Dammalingala 45 Free
Mallipatnaa Mallipatna 45 Free
Shanthigrama Covaxin Booth Hassan Bangalore Road Shantigrama 45 Free
Doddabemathi Doddabemathi 45 Free
Beernahallikere Covaxin Booth Hospital Road Beeranahalli Kere Hassan 45 Free
Ankpura Covaxin Booth Kattaya Road Ankapura 45 Free
Karjuvalli SC Covaxin Karjuvalli 45 Free
Arkalgud TH Booth 2 Holenarasipura Road Arakalgud 45 Free
Kundurmata Hospital COVAXIN Beside Govt School Kundurmata 45 Free
M Krishna Covaxin Booth Behind Police Quatres Tippunagara Hassan 45 Free
Akkanahalli Hospital COVAXIN Near Bus Stand Akkanahalli 45 Free
Pensionmohalla Booth 2 Behind Police Quatres Tippunagara Hassan 45 Free
Shravanabelagola Booth 2 Opp KSRTC Bus Stand Shravanabelagula 45 Free
HIMS Room No 5 Booth 2 Old Court Road Hassan 45 Free
Huvinahalli Covaxin Booth Belur Hassan Main Road Huvinahallikavalu 45 Free
Nuggehalli Booth 2 Opp KSRTC Bust Sopp KSRTC Bust Stand Nuggehalli (v)tand Nuggehalli (v) 45 Free
Kantharajapura COVAXIN Boot Hospital Road 45 Free
Heragu Booth 2 Opp KEB Office Heragu 45 Free
Gandasi Hospital Covaxin Hospital Road Gandasi 45 Free
Somanahalli Hospital Booth 2 Nittur Road Somanahally Hassan 45 Free

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