COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Gondia

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Gondia To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
Navegaon SC Navegaon SC 45 Free
Indora PHC Indora PHC 45 Free
Khairbodi SC Khairbodi SC Sukadi PHC 45 Free
Marartoli Gondia Gondia 18 Free
Tigaon Primary Health Center Tigaon PHC 45 Free
Murri SC Murri SC 45 Free
Khajari SC Khajari SC 45 Free
Govindpur School Gondia Gondia 45 Free
Sawari SC Sawari SC 45 Free
Salebardi Sub Center Salebardi SC 45 Free
Dawaniwada PHC Dawaniwada PHC 45 Free
Futala Sub Center Futala Sub Center 45 Free
Rawanwadi PHC Rawanwadi PHC 45 Free
Arjuni SC Indora Tirora Arjuni SC Tirora 45 Free
Saundad RH Bajar Chauk 45 Free
Ekodi Primary Health Center Ekodi PHC 45 Free
Keshori PHC Keshori PHC 45 Free
Parsodi SC Parsodi SC 45 Free
Thana PHC Thana PHC 45 Free
Dangorali SC Dangorali SC 45 Free
Mata Toli School Gondia Gondia 45 Free
J. M. Patel School Gondia Gondia 45 Free
Khodshivani PHC Khodshivani PHC 45 Free
Adasi SC Adasi SC 45 Free
Kawalewada PHC Kawalewada PHC 45 Free
Kudwa 1 SC Kudwa 1 SC 45 Free
Bangaon PHC Salekasa Road 45 Free
Mundikota PHC Mundikota PHC 45 Free
Malaviy School Srinagar Gondia Gondia 45 Free
Pandhari PHC Pandhari PHC 45 Free
Rail Toli School Gondia Gondia 45 Free
Navezari SC Navezari SC Wadegaon 45 Free
Channa Bakti PHC Channa Bakti 45 Free
Gangazari SC Gangazari SC 45 Free
Lambatola SC Lambatola SC 45 Free
Kosamtondi 1 Kosamtondi 1 45 Free
Duggipar SC Duggipar SC Shenda Phc 45 Free
Ganesh Nagar School Gondia Gondia 45 Free
SC Dalli Shenda Phc Shenda PHC 45 Free
Ram Nagar School Gondia Gondia 45 Free
Korambhitola PHC Korambhitola PHC 45 Free
Dasgaon PHC Dasgaon PHC 45 Free
Kawlewada SC Kawlewada SC 45 Free
Sukdi Dak PHC Sukdi Dak PHC 45 Free
Kati PHC Kati PHC 45 Free
Murmadi SC Murmadi SC 45 Free
Bangaon SC 1 Bangaon PHC 45 Free
Amgaon RH Deori Road 45 Free
Belati Bujurg SC Belati Bujurg SC Mundikota PHC 45 Free
Palsgaon SC Palsgaon SC 45 Free
Manohar Munsipal School Gondia Gondia 45 Free
Batana SC Batana SC 45 Free
Indora SC Indora SC 45 Free
BGW Gondia WH Main Road Gondia 45 Free
Kesalwada SC 1 Kesalwada SC 1 45 Free
Datora SC Datora SC 45 Free
Tirora SDH Tirora SDH 45 Free
Kalimati PHC Kalimati PHC 45 Free
Sarandi Ayurvedik Dispensary Sarandi Ayurvedik Dispensary 45 Free
Kamtha PHC Kamtha PHC 45 Free
Chikhali SC Chikhali SC 45 Free
Banathar SC Banathar SC 45 Free
Kachewani SC Kachewani SC 45 Free
Goregaon RH Goregaon RH 45 Free
Arjuni Morgaon RH Navegaonbandh Road 45 Free
Lakhegaon SC Lakhegaon SC 45 Free
Agrasen Bhavan School Gondia Gondia 45 Free
6. Wadegaon PHC Wadegaon Primary Health Centre 45 Free
Navegaonbandh RH Kohmara Road 45 Free
Morwahi PHC Morwahi PHC 45 Free
Kodelohara SC Wadegaon Kodelohara SC Wadegaon 45 Free
Fulchur SC Fulchur SC 45 Free
Kumbhare Nagar UPHC Kumbhare Nagar Lumini Chouk 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
Purada Sub C Purada SC 45 Free
Dongargaon ( Mulla ) Dongargaon 45 Free
Dawwa PHC Dawwa PHC 45 Free
Chopa PHC Chopa PHC 45 Free
Sadak Arjuni RH Shenda Road 45 Free
Dhabepawani PHC Dhabepawani PHC 45 Free
Chichewada SC Chichewada SC 45 Free
Bijepar PHC Bijepar PHC 45 Free
Mahagaon Primary Health C. Mahagaon PHC 45 Free
Ambhora SC Ambhora SC 45 Free
Kakodi SC Kakodi 45 Free
Palasgaon Dawwa SC Palasgaon SC 45 Free
Mulla PHC Mulla PHC 45 Free
Gothangaon PHC Gothangaon PHC 45 Free
Bharregaon SC Barregaon 45 Free
Kurhadi PHC Kurhadi PHC 45 Free
Mohadi SC Mohadi SC 45 Free
Deori RH Deori 45 Free
Futana PHC Site Futana 45 Free
Satgaon PHC Satgaon PHC 45 Free
Chichgad RH Chichgad RH 45 Free
Tilli Mohgaon PHC Tilli Mohgaon PHC 45 Free
Palandur Sc Palandur AWC 2 45 Free