COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Dungarpur

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Dungarpur To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
PHC Bankora PHC Bankora 45 Free
PHC Majhola PHC Majhola 45
Deval Pal CHC Deval Pal CHC 45 Free
SDH Sagwara II SDH Sagwara 45 Free
Raghunathpura PHC Raghunathpura PHC 45 Free
Jaisla PHC Jaisla PHC 45 Free
Chundawada Phc Chundawada Phc 45 Free
Talaiya PHC Talaiya PHC 45 Free
PHC Pohari Khaturat PHC Pohari Khaturat 45 Free
PHC Sakani PHC Sakani 45 Free
CHC Bichiwara CHC Bichiwara 45 Free
PHC Chodoli PHC Chodoli 45 Free
CHC Sabla CHC Sabla 45 Free
PHC Maal PHC Maal 45 Free
Phc Metali Phc Metali 45 Free
Bokhla PHC Bokhla PHC 45 Free
Buchiyabada CHC Buchiyabada CHC 45 Free
Biliya Badgama PHC Biliya Badgama PHC 45 Free
Old Urban Hospital CHC Old Urban Hospital CHC 45 Free
Obari CHC Obari CHC 45 Free
CHC Saroda CHC Saroda 45 Free
Munger PHC Munger PHC 45 Free
PHC Gandhwa Pal PHC Gandhwa Pal Phc 45 Free
PHC Kanba PHC Kanba 45 Free
PHC Faloj PHC Faloj 45 Free
Tamatiya PHC Tamatiya PHC 45 Free
PHC Bhekhred PHC Bhekhred 45 Free
CHC Simalwara CHC Simalwara 45 Free
Sisod PHC Sisod PHC 45 Free
CHC Gamdi Ahada CHC Gamdi Ahada 45 Free
Primary Health Center Baroda PHC Baroda 45 Free
Aspur CHC Aspur CHC 45 Free
PHC Nithauwa Gamri PHC Nithauwa Gamri 45 Free
PHC Thakarda PHC Thakarda 45 Free
Damri CHC Damri CHC 45 Free
Gariyata PHC Gariyata PHC 45 Free
PHC Kunwa PHC Kunwa 45 Free
Kshireshwar PHC Kshireshwar PHC 45 Free
PHC Jhosava PHC Jhosava 45 Free
Kharagda PHC KHADAGDA 45 Free
PHC Dhambola PHC Dhambola 45 Free
PHC Kheda PHC Kheda 45 Free
PHC Jhotri PHC Jhotri 45 Free
Karawara PHC Karawara PHC 45 Free
CHC Punjpur CHC Punjpur 45 Free
New Colony PHC New Colony PHC 45 Free
PHC Charwara PHC Charwara 45 Free
PHC Punali PHC Punali 45 Free
Phc Antri Phc Antri 45 Free
CHC Genji CHC Genji 45 Free
CHC Dungarsaran CHC Dungarsaran 45 Free
Mandav PHC Mandav PHC 45 Free
Peeth PHC Peeth PHC 45 Free
PHC Padra PHC Padra 45 Free
CHC Chikhli CHC Chikhli 45 Free
PHC Rasta PHC Rasta 45 Free
CHC Galiyakot CHC Galiyakot 45 Free
Deval Khas PHC Deval Khas PHC 45 Free
Duka PHC Duka PHC 45 Free
Chitri PHC Chitri PHC 45 Free
Patela Dungarpur UPHC Patela Dungarpur UPHC 18 Free
Bhasor PHC Bhasor PHC 45 Free
PHC Pindawal PHC Pindawal 45 Free
PHC Mewara PHC Mewara 45 Free
Surata PHC Surata PHC 45 Free
PHC Gumanpura PHC Gumanpura 45 Free
Bhiluda PHC Bhiluda PHC 45 Free
Ghata Ka Gaon PHC Ghata Ka Gaon PHC 45 Free
PHC Richha PHC Richha 45 Free
Vassi PHC Vassi PHC 45 Free
PHC Sabli PHC Sabli 45 Free
Primary Health Center Ramgarh PHC Ramgarh 45 Free

COVAXIN centres

Name Address Age Fee
SDH Sagwara MTC Sub District Hospital Sagwara 45 Free