COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Dhamtari

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Dhamtari To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availability at these centres would be displayed.


HWC ParsapaniSHC Parsapani45Free
HWC Bodra SSHC Bodra S, Block Gujra45Free
HWC Pandripani NagriSHC Pandripani, Block Nagri45Free
SHC GarhdongariShc Gaddongari Block Nagri Dist Dhamtari45Free
SHC Kandel DhamtariSHC Kandel, Block Dhamtari45Free
HWC DodkiSHC Dodki, Block Dhamtari45Free
Korra PHCPHC Korra45Free
SHC Doma DhamtariVillage Doma45Free
SHC KantakurridihSHC Kantakurridih, Block Nagri45Free
SHC DabgaonSHC Dabgaon, Block Nagri45Free
HWC GajkanharSHC Gajkanhar, Block Nagri45Free
HWC GhotgaonSHC Ghotgaon, Block Nagri45Free
Bhatgaon PHCVillage Post Bhatgaon Block District Dhamtari CG45Free
HWC RanigaonRanigaon45Free
SHC RudriRudri, Block Dhamtari45Free
SHC Kalartarai DhamtariKalartarai45Free
HWC BandhaSHC Bandha, Block Nagri45Free
Keregaon PHCVillage Post Keregaon Block Nagri District Dhamtari CG45Free
CHC Nagri BCHC Nagri Block Nagri45Free
HWC Korra NagriSHC Korra, Block Nagri45Free
HWC Bhothli NagriSHC Bhothli, Block Nagri45Free
Aditya Nursing HomeAditya Nursing Home Kacheri Chouk Sadar Bazar Dhamtari45Paid
SHC DemarSHC Demar, Block Dhamtari45Free
HWC Chandana MagarlodSHC Chandana, Block Magarlod45Free
HWC DokalSHC Dokal, Block Nagri45Free
SHC Nawagaon BelarNawagaon Belar, Block Nagri45Free
SHC HaridhbhataSHC Haridhbhata, Block Nagri45Free
Magarlod CHCVillage Post Magarlod Block Magarlod District Dhamtari CG45Free
Govt. School Civil LinesCivil Lines Dhamtari45Free
SHC AroudSHC Aroud, Block Dhamtari45Free
SHC AcchotaSHC Acchota, Block Dhamtari45Free
UPHC Itwari BazarPHC Itwari Bazar Dhamtari Post Office Ward45Free
HWC ChanagaonSHC Chanagaon, Block Nagri45Free
Sankra PHCVillage Post Sankra Block Nagri District Dhamtari CG45Free
Gujra CHCVillage Post Gujara Block District Dhamtari CG45Free
HWC AnwariSHC Anwari, Block Kurud45Free
HWC BhusrengaSHC Bhusrenga, Block Kurud45Free
Sihawa PHCVillage Post Sihawa Block Nagri District Dhamtari CG45Free
Bhendri PHCBhendri Block Magarlod45Free
HWC Biretara DhamtariSHC Biretara Block Gujra45Free
BhidawarVill Bhidawar Post Mongragahan Disst Dhamtari45Free
Akladongri PHCVillage Post Akladongri Block District Dhamtari CG45Free
HWC DahiSHC Dahi, Block Dhamtari45Free
SHC Mongragahan DhamtariVill Mongragahan Post Mongragahan Disst Dhamtari45Free
SHC KurraVillage Kurra45Free
SHC ArjuniVillage Arjuni45Free
KhartuliVillage Khartuli, Block Dhamtari45Free
HWC AtangSHC Atang, Block Kurud45Free
SHC BhothaparaSHC Bhothapara, Block Nagri45Free
HWC Ghurawand NagriSHC Ghurawand, Block Nagri45Free
SHC Akladongari DhamtariViillAkladongari Post Tuyegahan45Free
SHC BhiterrasBhitarras Block Nagri Dist I Dhamtari45Free
SHC Gangrel DhamtariGangrel45Free
Singpur PHCVillage Post Singpur Block Magarlod District Dhamtari CG45Free
SHC PotiyadihVillage Potiyadih45Free
Kukrel PHCKukrel45Free
Sirri PHCVillage Post Sirri Block Kurud District Dhamtari CG45Free
Sobharam Dewangan SchoolDhamtari45Free
Karelibadi PHCVillage Post Karelibadi Block Magarlod District Dhamtari CG45Free
SHC Kharenga DhamtariKharenga45Free
Megha PHCVillage Post Megha Block Magarlod District Dhamtari CG45Free
District Hospital DhamtariDistrict Hospital Dhamtari Post Dhamtari Block District Dhamtari CG45Free
HWC Dongerdula NagriSHC Dongerdula, Block Nagri45Free
Nagri CHCVillage Post Nagri Block Nagri District Dhamtari CG45Free
Nutan School MarathaparaMarathapara Dhamtari45Free
SHC Mujgahan DhamtariMujgahan, Dhamtari45Free
HWC GondalanalaGondlanala45Free
HWC Sivnikalan KurudSHC Sivnikalan, Block Kurud45Free
HWC Borsi MagarlodSHC Borsi Block Magarlod45Free
Bhakhara CHCVillage Post Bhakhara Block Kurud District Dhamtari CG45Free
HWC BagrumnalaSHC Bagrumnala, Block Nagri45Free
HWC AmlidihSHC Amlidih, Block Magarlod45Free
SHC HirridihShc Hirridih Block Nagri Dist Dhamtari45Free
HWC GuhannalaSHC Guhannala, Block Nagri45Free
Dugli PHCVillage Post Dugli Block Nagri District Dhamtari CG45Free
HWC Bodra MagarlodSHC Bodra Block Magarlod45Free
HWC BirjhuliSHC Birjhuli, Block Magarlod45Free
HWC ChhipliparaChhiplipara Block Nagri Dist I Dhamtari45Free
HWC Khisora MagarlodSHC Khisora, Block Magarlod45Free
Belargaon PHCVillage Post Belargaon BlockNagri District Dhamtari CG45Free
HWC BelarbaharaBelarbahara, Block Nagri45Free
Bathena SchoolBathena, Dhamtari45Free
HWC KathauliSHC Kathauli, Block Kurud45Free
HWC Tirra DhamtariVillTirra Post Koliyari45Free
HWC Silauti KurudSHC Silauti, Block Kurud45Free
Kurud CH BCivil Hospital Kurud45Free
HWC KumhdaSHC Kumhda, Block Nagri45Free
SHC Tarsiwa DhamtariVillage Tarsiwa45Free
Gattasilli PHCVillage Post Gattasilli Block District Nagri CG45Free
HWC PatharSHC Pathar, Block Magarlod45Free
HWC GedraSHC Gedra, Block Nagri45Free
HWC MaragoanSHC Maragoan, Block Magarlod45Free
Parkhanda PHCPrimary Health Centre, Parkhanda45Free
SHC KoliyariVillKoliyari Post Koliyari45Free
Borai PHCVillage Post Boraii Block Nagri District Dhamtari CG45Free
SHC DaldaliSHC Daldali, Block Nagri45Free
SHC SiyarinalaSHC Siyarinala, Block Nagri45Free
SHC LilarLilar, Block Dhamtari45Free
HWC ChhuhiChhuhi45Free
HWC BhothidihBhothidih Block Magarlod45Free
Kharenga PHCVillage Post Kharenga Block District Dhamtari CG45Free
SHC AamdiVillage Amdi45Free
Chatoud PHCVillage Post Chatoud Block Kurud District Dhamtari CG45Free
SHC KhadpathraSHC Khadpathra, Block Nagri45Free
SHC KongeraSHC Kongera, Block Nagri45Free
SHC Aroud DubanVillAroud Duban Post Aroud Duban45Free
G Jamgaon PHCG Jamgaon45Free
SHC TaalparaSHC Taalpara45Free
HWC BoridkhurdSHC Boridkhurd, Block Dhamtari45Free
HWC JabarraSHC Jabrra, Block Nagri45Free
SHC Bhatgaon DhamtariBhatgaon45Free
Nari PHCPHC Nari45Free
HWC Semra KurudSHC Semra, Block Kurud45Free
SHC Deori DhamtariDeori45Free
HWC PachpediSHC Pachpedi, Block Kurud45Free
HWC KoliyariSHC Koliyari, Block Kurud45Free
HWC DarraSHC Darra, Block Kurud45Free
HWC RampurSHC Rampur45Free
HWC BarnaSHC Barna, Block Dhamtari45Free
HWC DahdahaSHC Dahdaha45Free
HWC Sirsida KurudHWC Sirsida, Block Kurud45Free
HWC KosmarraSHC Kosmarra, Block Kurud45Free
HWC SindhaurikalanSHC Sindhaurikalan, Block Kurud45Free
HWC SankriSHC Sankri, Block Kurud45Free
HWC Khallari NagriSHC Khallari, Block Nagri45Free
HWC BazarkurridihSHC Bazarkurridih45Free
SHC Bhanpuri DhamtariVillage Bhanpuri45Free
Khalsa Nursing HomeOpposite Nehru Garden ,Near District Hospital ,Dhamtari45Paid
SHC Bodra PuriSHC Bodrapuri, Block Dhamtari45Free
Govt Middle School HatkesharHatkeshar, Dhamtari45Free
RatnabandhaVillage Ratnabandha45Free
HWC MandraudSHC Mandraud, Block Kurud45Free
HWC KhairjhitiSHC Khairjhiti, Block Magarlod45Free
HWC MaraudSHC Maraud, Block Kurud45Free
HWC BagaudSHC Bagaud, Block Kurud45Free
HWC PanwdwarSHC Panwdwar45Free
HWC FarsiyaSHC Farsiya, Block Nagri45Free
HWC BirgudiSHC Birgudi, Block Nagri45Free
HWC GhatulaSHC Ghatula, Block Nagri45Free
HWC RatawaSHC Ratawa, Block Nagri45Free
HWC RanwaSHC Ranwa, Block Gujra45Free
HWC UmargaonSHC Umargaon, Block Nagri45Free
HWC SonjhariSHC Sonjhari, Block Magarlod45Free
HWC KaraihaSHC Karaiha, Block Nagri45Free
HWC Semra NagriSHC Semra, Block Nagri45Free
HWC KundelSHC Kundel, Block Magarlod45Free
HWC SaloniSHC Saloni, Block Nagri45Free
HWC TangapaniSHC Tangapani45Free
HWC KaspurSHC Kaspur, Block Nagri45Free
HWC GopalpuriSHC Gopalpuri, Block Gujra45Free
HWC RisgaonSHC Risgaon, Block Nagri45Free
HWC ChhatiSHC Chhati, Block Gujra45Free
HWC Bazarkuriddih DEACTIVATEDSHC Bazarkurridih, Block Nagri45Free

COVAXIN centres

District Hospital Dhamtari BDistrict Hospital Dhamtari Post Dhamtari Block District Dhamtari CG45Free
Kurud CHVillage Post Kurud Block Kurud District Dhamtari CG45Free