COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Bilaspur

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 19-08-2022

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Bilaspur To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availablity at these centres would be displayed.


Name Address Age Fee
CH Ghawandal CVC CH Ghawandal 45 Free
CHC Talai CVC VPO Talai 45 Free
CH Berthin CVC CH Berthin 45 Free
CHC Kuthera CVC CHC Kuthera 45 Free
CHC Bharari CVC CHC Bharari 45 Free
CHC Jhanduta CVC CHC Jhanduta 45 Free
CH Ghumarwin CVC CH Ghumarwin 45 Free
CHC Panjgain CVC CHC Panjgain 45 Free
CHC Harlog CVC CHC Harlog 45 Free
DH Bilaspur CVC District Hospital Bilaspur 45 Free
CH Markand CVC CH Markand 45 Free
HSC Gugga Bhater CVC V.P.O. Gugga Bhater 45 Free
HSC Luharda CVC HSC Luharda 45 Free
HSC Bamta CVC V.P.O. Bamta 45 Free
HSC Salahon CVC V.P.O Salahon 45 Free
HSC Nakhlera CVC Vill. Nakhlera P.O. Matla 45 Free
HSC Talwara CVC V.P.O. Talwara 45 Free
HSC Chanardi CVC Vill. Chanardi P.O. Chhakoh 45 Free
HSC Lakhala CVC Vill. Lakhala P.O. Behal 45 Free
HSC Lethwin CVC Vill. Lethwin P.O. Gahar 45 Free
HSC Deoli CVC V.P.O Deoli 45 Free
HSC Kanfara CVC V.P.O. Kanfara 45 Free
HSC Dharar CVC VPO Dharar 45 Free
HSC Kanjyan CVC Vill. Kanjyan P.O. Kot 45 Free
HSC Nakrana CVC V.P.O. Nakrana 45 Free
HSC Salnoo CVC V.P.O. Salnoo 45 Free
HSC Beri CVC V.P.O. Beri 45 Free
HSC Dahad CVC V.P.O. Dahad 45 Free
HSC Dabar CVC Vill. Dabar P.O. Namhol 45 Free
HSC Ladda CVC V.P.O. Ladda 45 Free
HSC Dabla CVC V.P.O. Dabla 45 Free
HSC Nichli Bhater CVC V.P.O. Nichli Bhater 45 Free
HSC Dhartatoh CVC V.P.O. Dhartatoh 45 Free
HSC Dabat CVC Vill. Dabat P.O. Majari 45 Free
HSC Dangar CVC V.P.O. Dangar 45 Free
HSC Khalsai CVC Vill. Khalsai P.O. Jabloo 45 Free
HSC Majari CVC V.P.O. Majari 45 Free
HSC Jeorkhas CVC V.P.O Jeorkhas 45 Free
HSC Naswal CVC V.P.O Naswal 45 Free
HSC Nog CVC Vill. Nog P.O. Binola 45 Free
HSC Tarer CVC Vill. Tarer P.O. Chandpur 45 Free
HSC Chandpur CVC V.P.O. Chandpur 45 Free
HSC Bala CVC Vill. Bala 45 Free
HSC Barichowk CVC VPO Barichowk 45 Free
PHC Bhakra CVC V.P.O Bhakra Tahsil Naina Devi District BilaspurH.P 18 Free
HSC Kuddi CVC Vill. Kuddi P.O. Binola 45 Free
PHC Raura CVC PHC Roura Ward No. 2 Roura Sector 18 Free
HSC Padhyan CVC V.P.O. Padhyan 45 Free
HSC Kothipura CVC V.P.O. Kothipura 45 Free
PHC Panoul CVC Vill. Panoul P.O. Amarpur 18 Free
PHC Namhol CVC PHC Namhol Post Office Namhol District Bilaspur 18 Free
CHC Hatwar CVC V.P.O. Hatwar 18 Free
PHC Mehari Kathla CVC Vill. Maihri Kathla P.O. Nalti 18 Free
PHC Swarghat CVC VPO Swarghat 18 Free

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