COVID-19 Vaccination centres/hospitals in Beed

The below table displays a list of currently available slots at different COVID-19 Vaccination centres.You can either walk-in to any of these centres or register at COWIN site to go to the center.

Current Availability as on 25-09-2023

These are the list of current vaccination centres in District Beed To register for vaccination, you need to go to COWIN site where the currently availability at these centres would be displayed.


Beed DH CovishieldNear SP Office Beed45Free
Jategaon PHCJategaon45Free
Patoda RHPatoda RH45Free
Majalgaon RHMajalgaon RH45Free
Wadvani PHCWadvani PHC45Free
Ambajogai UPHCKhadkapura Ambajogai45Free
Sakshalpimpri PHCSakshalpimpari45Free
Yusufwadgaon PHCYusuf Wadgaon45Free
Apegaon PHCApegaon PHC45Free
Adas PHC 1Adas PHC45Free
Chincholimali PHCChincholi Mali45Free
Madalmohi PHCMadalmohi45Free
Ujani PHC 1Ujani45Free
Chaklamba PHCChaklamba45Free
Gangamasla PHCGangamasla45Free
Georai SDHAurngabad Highway Georai45Free
Takalsing PHCTakalsing45Free
Dharur RHDharur RH45Free
Dhanora RHDhanora RH45Free
Kitti Adgaon PHCKitti Adgaon45Free
Umapur PHCUmapur45Free
Bardapur PHCBardapur45Free
Kaij SDHKaij SDH45Free
Nalwandi PHCNalwandi45Free
Sirsala PHCSirsala45Free
Kuppa PHCKuppa45Free
Pohner PHCPohner45Free
Talwada PHCTalwada45Free
Nipani Jawalka PHCNipani Jawalaka PHC45Free
Shirur PHCShirur45Free
Amlner PHCAmalner45Free
Rui Dharur PHCRui Dharur PHC45Free
Sadola PHCSadola45Free
Wahali PHCWahali PHC45Free
Takarwan PHCTakrwan45Free
Ashti RHAshti RH45Free
Ghatnandur PHCGhatnandur45Free
Pathrud PHCPathrud45Free
Nandurghat RHNandurghat RH45Free
Nagapur PHCNagapur45Free
Rajegaon PHCRajegaon45Free
SRTRMC AmabajogaiAmbejogai45Free
Mohkhed PHCMohkhed45Free
Naigaon PHCNaigaon45Free
Dhamangaon PHC 1Dhamangaon PHC Building45Free
Bhavthana PHCBhawthana45Free

COVAXIN centres

Takarwan PHC CovaxinTakrwan45Free
Sirsala Phc CovaxinSirsala Phc45Free
Wadvani PHC CovaxinWadvani PHC45Free
Beed DH CovaxinNear SP Office Beed45Free
Chaklamba PHC CovaxinChaklamba45Free
SRTRMC Amabajogai Covaxin.Amabajogai45Free
Wida Phc CovaxinWida Phc45Free
Sadola PHC CovaxinSADOLA45Free
Nagapur PHC CovaxinNagapur45Free
Mohkhed PHC CovaxinMohkhed45Free
Kuppa PHC CovaxinKuppa45Free
Talkhed RH CovaxinTalkhed RH45Free
Chincholimali Phc CovaxinChincholimali Phc45Free
Yusufwadgaon PHC CovaxinYusufwadgaon PHC45Free
Kaij SDH CovaxinKaij SDH45Free
Pathrud PHC CovaxinPATHRUD45Free
Majalgaon RH CovaxinRH MAJALGAON45Free
Nandurghat RH CovaxinNandurghat RH45Free
Ambajogai UPHC COVAXINKhadkapura Ambajogai45Free
Rajegaon Phc CovaxinRajegaon Phc45Free
Rui Dharur PHC CovaxinRui Dharur PHC45Free
Dharur RH CovaxinDharur RH45Free
Bhavthana PHC COVAXINBhawthana45Free
Kitti Adgaon PHC CovaxinKitti Adgaon45Free
Apegaon PHC CovaxinApegaon PHC45Free
Ghatnandur PHC COVAXINGhatnandur45Free
Jategaon PHC CovishiedJategaon45Free
Georai SDH CovaxinGeorai45Free
Madalmohi PHC CovaxinMadalmohi45Free
Gangamasla PHC CovaxinGangamasla45Free
Wahali Phc CovaxinWahali Phc45Free
Nipani Jawalka CovaxinNipani Jawalka Phc45Free