COVID-19 Home Remedy | How to treat Coronavirus at home

It’s wrong to say there is no cure for Coronavirus. There is cure but it seems Researchers/Scientists have missed it. And there has been ample research done on it by some of the researches. (See the Clinical Trial & Proof Below)

If you suspect you are having COVID-19 or have been in contact with a Coronavirus positive individual. Please do any of the below

  • Take 10/15 Neem leaves daily till all your symptoms go away .If you dont have access to raw Neem leaves you can take Neem capsules or Neem powder.You can do any of the following
    • Take Raw Neem leaves
    • Take Neem leaves mixed with Water or Sugar
    • Split intake of Neem leaves 5 in the morning & 10 in the evening
    • For Children, don’t allow them to take more than 5 Neem leaves daily
    • Take 10 Neem leaves only
  • Take Rest & Drink lot of water

How do you say Neem is effective?

Couple of Molecular Docking studies have found that nearly 20+ compounds present in Neem leaves can be effective against COVID-19 Main protease and they would be able to inhibit the virus from replication.

And Clinical studies & Clinical trials have further proven that Neem can be effective

Clinical trial conducted by a Private company has proved that Neem leaves in the form of capsules can have 55% effectiveness against COVID-19. The link to the Clinical trial – in addition to that Neem is a well known anti-viral and has found effective against different viruses like Herpes, SmallPox, ChickenPox and Hepatitis C

With all these evidence, Eating Neem leaves can be an effective cure against COVID-19

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